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The secret of children's brilliant academic achievement is not an expensive school

  Illustration of parents learning with children

Illustration of parents learning with children |

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One study found that the key to the success of children who succeed in schools with brilliant academic achievement is the presence of parents during the learning process.

A The Journal of Labor Economics study published in 1

945 looked at data on about 99,000 children in Israel who lost their parents before the age of 18 due to death or divorce.

Mother died, the quality of her education was not important, especially if the child had passed the exam. The same thing happens when fathers die, "said Bruce Weinberg, economics professor at Ohio State University and research fellow.

" Such relationships become increasingly apparent when parents are no longer old when the child's age is still very small, "

The results of this study indicate that the success of the students is not determined by genetics, but by their parents.

This study also refutes claims that children's money promises academic success.

Many believe children's access to quality and limited education is made easier by the existence of money.

Researchers argue that if the problem is money, children will be more academically affected if they lose their father The father, based on common perception, is the backbone of the family making money.

"Apparently we did not find that. "Losing a mother has a great effect, rather than losing a father's performance, as we've seen in research," he added.

Interestingly, the investigation stated that the negative effects of losing a mother were reduced when the father remarried. With a note, the woman who became the new mother was indeed well received by the children.

The results of the study also show results that were previously known, namely that maternal academic achievement is closely related to the school success of children.

The researcher explained that this could be because the mother figure, of course, spent more time with children.

"Another study shows that highly educated parents spend more time with their children," he explained.

He concluded that it was possible that they – parents with good education – were aware of the positive effects of spending a lot of time and showing support for children's performance.

The research on the real role of parents in education and growth is not just being studied by scientists as study material.

Historically, researchers from the University of Leicester and the University of Leeds in the UK have concluded that parents' efforts to provide educational services for their children are key. The results were very clearly revealed by the researcher.

The research led by Professor Gianni De Fraja, Tania Oliveira, Department of Economics at the University of Leicester, and Luisa Zanchi at Leeds University Business School was published in the 1945 Review of Economics and Statistics journal by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ).

Parents' efforts are, according to research findings, essential for the education of children and not for the education of teachers.

"Parents 'efforts and their parents' socioeconomic background are the main channels for channeling children's intelligence," said Professor De Fraja.

He added the results of his observations that parents from a more favorable environment seem to be more active in supporting the education of children.

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