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Vanessa Angel-Jane Shalimar's rival continues, more heat – VIVA

VIVA artist Jane Shalimar suddenly became the center of attention when Vanessa Angel was arrested by the police for online prostitution. Jane wants to accompany Vanessa all at once when the first short-haired woman was taken away by the regional police of East Java on Saturday, January 5, 2019.

Knowing that Vanessa does not have a lawyer, Jane also brings along a lawyer who can defend Vanessa from the case. Not long afterwards, both looked tense because Vanessa Jane was looking for popularity by holding a press conference after the incident without Vanessa's approval.

Vanessa was disappointed with Jane's behavior and eventually removed the power she gave to Jane's lawyer

Like Vanessa, Jane was disappointed that Vanessa did not accept her good deeds. Finally, she asked for an ATM used by Dwi Andika's ex-lover because the Vanessa ATM had been taken as evidence by the East Java Regional Police.

Vanessa, who spoke yesterday about the status of the suspect in the case of online prostitution, handed over his feud with Jane to his lawyer Millano Lubis.

"I do not want to answer," Vanessa said.

embarrass other people. Remember, it's enough, we just know, "said Attorney Vanessa, Mi llano.

Millano also said the truth of this case would soon emerge and Vanessa did not want to talk much," but one day I'll know how the story looks like. We are worried about this case. But we are not people who want to embarrass other people, "continued Millano.

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