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Infinity War & # 39; had to face

As Avenger: Infinity War 's script came together, Thor: [19659004] Ragnarok 's story did not exist yet. Only when the latter film came together, the authors of the first film found their starting point.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Follow Ragnarok! Great spoilers!

On the enclosed commentary track Avengers: Infinity War was the author's and director's briefing on how they arrived in Thanos Thor's ship in the opening scene. Originally, they only knew that Thanos would hit Loki and the Tesseract, but Taika Waititis Ragnarok gave them a perfect starting point.

"We will start this script in January 201

6," said Stephen McFeely of Infinity War. "There is no Ragnarok script, they are in different stages of development, so the first scene of this film has changed, until we found out that they would end up on a journey from a ruined Asgard, so we did I do not know where Thanos would find Loki. "

" We knew we wanted Thanos to come to Loki " Infinity War Author Christopher Markus added. "We have designs in any number of places."

With the film, which initially put Thanos in the foreground, the directors had the full intention to make him the central character of the film.

"It's narrated from the point of view of Thanos," said co-director Joe Russo. "The movie starts with Thanos, the movie ends with Thanos, it's the journey of his hero, all the big beats of the journey are Thanos beats."

Joe Russo quickly explains that the film's visual effects team is responsible for the film's success. "We knew we would be sunk if we could not get Thanos to take a real picture and incorporate all the nuances of Josh Brolin into this character," said Joe Russo. "You literally play with technology and put it at the molecular level, which is why I think Thanos is so interesting in the film, and all the intricacies of Josh's performance are outlined … We could have spent two years working on Thanos.

Before the infinity war, which had a story or script, Thanos was already well under development. "People are working on how to create Thanos before we even had an overview of the movie because we know he's going to play a major role in the movie." McFeely said, "We knew it was so central to the film and the difficulty level was the highest," said co-director Anthony Russo.

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