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Inhabitants of Boston: Intruder broke into his house, cleaned it up and left

(CNN) – A man from the Boston area came home from work with his son to find something that was wrong.

He believed that they might have been robbed. On closer examination, however, he found that nothing was missing and his house was sparkling clean.

Nate Roman lives in a single family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Roman tells CNN that he went to work on the morning of May 15 and came home from picking up his son to find that his door was unlocked.

"[My son said]," Dad! The door is unlocked. "What I did once every blue moon and thought nothing of it, but when we came in immediately, there was a mood that something was wrong in the house."


He realized that someone in his house Because a door that he normally keeps open was locked tight, Roman then went upstairs to check on the rest of the house.

He discovered that his son's room, which was a wreckage, had been destroyed He found his room in the same immaculate condition.

The son's room, which was messy in the morning, was found neat and clean.

"Carpets were vacuumed, everything was neat and tidied away, "said Roman.

He immediately called the police and they took the incident very seriously. They cleared the house to make sure no one was there anymore.

The police told CNN that Daughter WBZ-TV with that she talked to the neighbors and nobody saw anything suspicious. There are no suspects.

"No crime happened, nothing was missing or damaged, so the police have very little to do," said Roman.

The security system was also not set to enable cameras when the alarm went off, no images of the intruder were displayed. The timestamp on the door sensors indicated whoever stayed in the house for about 90 minutes.

Later, in the bathroom, he discovered roses from toilet paper, a detail that made him realize that this was probably a woman's job. According to his theory, a cleaning service has come to the wrong address, but his kitchen was untouched, which leads him to a second suspicion of suspicion.

Since then he has changed his locks and admits that he still very carefully opens cabinets in case anything unexpected should happen left behind.

Roman hopes to leave the ordeal behind, but he has kept the toilet paper roses as a keepsake.

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