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Inside the Downfall of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry's Once Close Relationship

Kate Middleton was a close friend of her husband's younger brother, Prince Harry, but their relationship has deteriorated last year. Although he was a friend in 2003 – and Harry once called Middleton as the sister he always wanted – Prince Harry was reportedly angry because he did not believe that his family fully supported his romance with Meghan Markle. After getting used to parenthood by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, look here for the demise of Harry and Middleton's friendship.

  Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry and Kate Middleton | Photo by Andrew Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton become fast friends

Kate Middleton became part of the royal family
In 2011 she tied to William. The couple met for the first time when it was present
College in the early 2000s, and once their relationship became serious, Middleton
and Harry became good friends.

Prince Harry has come to Middleton for several royal events over the years and is often seen as having a good time with his sister-in-law. This includes appearances in the "Trooping the Color" and "Heads Together" campaigns.

While the two did not deal with the feud rumors, they were in sources
claim that their friendship has fallen apart over the past year.

According to Express
Sources say that Markle is at the heart of Prince Harry's breach
Relationship with Kate Middleton. Difficulties started because Harry felt that way
Middleton did not support Markle early
Relationship. Harry expected this to change after the engagement. When it happened
Not, Harry supposedly met with Middleton and William and told him exactly how he was

Meghan Markle was reportedly present at the tense meeting, but did not speak much. Despite Harry's emotions, Prince William and Kate Middleton told him that they worshiped Markle and fully supported their union.

Are Prince Harry and Prince William fighting?

For months rumors have been circulating about a growing feud between Harry and William. The reports heated up after Harry and Markle announced their plan to part with the Royal Foundation and found a charitable organization themselves. Harry and Markle were previously part of the Royal Foundation with William and Kate Middleton, and the brothers originally founded the organization in 2009.

The separation took place less than a year after the couples surfaced
Stage for the Royal Foundation and vowed to work together to improve the world.
The foursome was named after the appearance of Fab Four, a nickname that
proved to be short-lived.

In addition to working for another charity, Harry and Markle have also separated houses from William and Middleton. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already occupied top positions for their employees, all of whom will work completely separate from the employees of William and Middleton.

The couple has also moved out of Kensington Palace and has
Official business in Windsor at Frogmore Cottage. All of them
The developments have only fueled the feuds, and it does not help
that the royal family is silent on this subject.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton go different ways

Although most royal observers would have liked the collaboration between the Cambridges and the Sussexes, this partnership would probably never have worked. After all, Prince William and Kate Middleton go very different ways than Harry and Markle.

With William second on the throne, his royal
Responsibilities and time in the limelight will increase as soon as Prince Charles
Take the crown. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look against it
go their own way and have goals that they want to achieve on their own. Harry,
For example, it works to raise awareness of climate change.

While Prince Harry's relationship with Kate Middleton is wrong
In the past, the royal family would maintain the status quo.

Fans can expect more public appearances for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – such as their recent Wimbledon appearance – even though the couples are at odds. If no member of the royal family says anything about the rumors, we probably will not know what's really going on behind the scenes.

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