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Instagram model posing as Catwoman and jailed for masked robbery

An Australian Instagram model with sticky fingers and a penchant for posing as Catwoman was jailed for the second time this year for a range of crimes, including masked robbery and shoplifting, according to a report.

25-year-old Monique Agostino was warned by Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge last year that her life was “going to the bathroom,” leading Agostino to a veiled threat that it would be the fault of the lawyer, the Daily Examiner, if she failed inflicting damage in the slammer itself was reported

She told Milledge that she had “anxiety and depression” behind bars – but the judge told her that, according to news.com.au, she cannot always blame others for her bad decisions.

The former model entrepreneur, real estate agent and social media influencer started her life as a criminal about two years ago when she drove several teenagers to break-ins in Sydney, according to news.com.au.

The busty blonde ̵

1; who posted on Instagram as Catwoman – and the guys wore masks as they chiseled open doors to businesses, including the Pound of Pizza restaurant on Nov. 6, 2018, when they were videotaped, News Agency reported.

She also attempted to break into a grocery store at the House of Fruit and the nearby Le Parisien Café – and reportedly also participated in a break-in at Stanley Street Café, where the report said they stole $ 300 and a credit card.

Monique Agostino
Monique AgostinoInstagram

It was reported that Agostino used the card to purchase $ 11.55 worth of groceries from a McDonald’s.

About two weeks later, she was involved in a raid on Forestville Bakery that stole $ 1,000, news.com.au reported.

Agostino was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison – and also convicted of carrying a knife in a Target store, possessing crystal meth, and stealing a $ 90 jacket in a mall.

She appealed the gravity of the sentence and was released on bail earlier this year. However, prior to a trial in July, Agostino was stopped by police over a pending arrest warrant for breaching her bail.

Agostino’s appeal was later postponed until August 26, but when she failed to appear in court, her application was dismissed and an arrest warrant was issued against her. She was handcuffed again on September 5, news.com.au reported.

Her lawyer, Pawel Kulisiewicz, who petitioned for the appeal to be retried, told Judge Dina Yehia that his client’s crimes were “amateur lessons” and that “they would always be caught”.

The judge reduced Agostino’s sentence to a maximum of 12 months with a six-month non-probation period.

Over time, she will be released from the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center in October.

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