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Instagram tests a feature that allows users to ban their bat in the shadows

Instagram's next big fix for online bullying is comments with artificial intelligence and the ability for users to prevent their posts from being publicly commented on by accounts.

The team will soon launch a test that gives users the ability to "lock" a user substantially from their account. This means that the account holder can "restrict" another user, making his comments visible only to himself. It also disappears if the account owner is active on Instagram or if he reads a direct message.

The company also announced separately today that it is introducing a new feature that uses AI to identify potentially offensive comments and to ask the commentator if they really want to follow up with the post. You have the option to undo your comment. According to Instagram, this has resulted in tests that have "some" thinking about what they wrote and what they undid. It's clear that "some" statistics are not concrete, and presumably people who publish offensive content know they are, but maybe they'll need a second to rethink what they say.

Image: Instagram [19659005] Instagram has already tested several bullying-related features, including an offensive commentary filter that automatically reviews bullying comments, "attacks on a person's appearance or character, and threats to a person's well-being or health "contain similar function for photos and captions. The features are desperately needed, but they can not do much to keep teens from bothering each other. In a report in The Atlantic from last year, the reporter Taylor Lorenz wrote that teens often create entire hate accounts that aim to harass certain people more than bullying them on a major feed. Users can report these accounts. However, this may take some time to review the action taken. At least these new features are immediately available and helpful when there is bullying there.

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