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Intel offers hundreds of tech administrators

Intel released a significant number of information technology staff at locations across the company this week, according to several sources within the company.

The number of redundancies in the hundreds, according to the people who knew directly, could not be identified because they were not authorized to talk about their employer.

Intel confirmed the redundancies, but declined to state how many people lost their jobs or describe the reasons for the cuts.

"Changes in our workforce are driven by the needs and priorities of our business, which we continually evaluate. We strive to treat all affected employees with professionalism and respect. "In a brief statement, Intel confirmed the cuts to The Oregonian / OregonLive.

The cuts were made at sites throughout the company, including Oregon, the world's largest 20,000-person site, as well as at other Intel offices in the United States and in a large administration building in Costa Rica, according to employees familiar with the layoffs, cuts have been made.

Although Intel predicts flat revenues for 201

9, company officials said they would donate the layoffs this week It does not necessarily seem like a cost cut, but they said the cuts seem to reflect a far-reaching change in Intel's approach to its internal technical systems.

IT professionals typically do not develop new technologies, but they play a vital role in the process Administration of internal companies basic functions systems. Their work is especially important for tech companies like Intel, which rely on IT staff to keep systems safe and running smoothly.

The layoff this week appears to be Intel's biggest break since 2016, 15,000 jobs have been slashed across the company, layoffs, takeovers and early retirement opportunities. Intel employed 107,400 people worldwide at the end of 2018.

At the time, Intel was preparing for a long-term decline in its core business of microprocessors for PCs and laptops. Since then, the company has moved to new markets, especially the data centers.

Intel is also preparing for a major change in its manufacturing technology and is preparing to build billions of dollars worth of new factories in Oregon, Ireland and Israel. Intel plans to create 1,750 new jobs in Oregon over the next few years by building the third phase of its massive Hillsboro research facility called D1X.

Intel shares were down 0.9 percent on Friday at $ 53.61. The stock is near the highest point since the dotcom era.

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