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Intel: We will not fix the Specter 2 error in these chips

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Intel plans to patch certain CPU families affected by the Meltdown and Specter bugs, as this is impractical or not widespread.

The chip maker has spent the last few months publishing and re-releasing microcode updates to fix the Specter Variant 2 bug. But while it provides updates for all processors released in the last five years, it has now shown that some older CPUs are not patched at all.

Intel's latest April 2, April 2004, microcode revision policy applies a new "stop" status to multiple CPU product families for which microcode updates have been developed. The product families include chips from Intel's Core, Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon CPUs.

Most chips are older, production starts in 2008, and they are probably less common today than the already patched Kaby Lake. Skylake and Coffee Lake CPUs.

Intel says the development of Specter's Variant 2 protection has been halted for at least three reasons: Impractical, the CPU not fully supported, or customers claiming that the CPUs are running on closed systems.

"After a comprehensive study of microarchitecture and microcode capabilities for these products, Intel has decided not to release microcode updates for these products for one or more reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Microarchitectural Features This includes a convenient Implementing Variant mitigation features 2 CVE-201
    7-5715 from
  • Restricted, commercially available system software support
  • Based on customer input, most of these products are implemented as "closed systems" and therefore are expected to have lower probability of failure Exposure to these vulnerabilities. "

CPU families not updated include Bloomfield, Clarksfield, Gulftown, Harpertown Xeon C0, Harpertown Xeon E0, Jasper Forest, Penryn / QC, SoFIA 3GR, Wolfdale C0 and M0, Wolfdale E0 and R0, Wolfdale Xeon X0, Wolfdale Xeon E0, Yorkf Field and Yorkfield Xeon.

Intel announced in March that upcoming 8th-generation Intel Core processors will have integrated protection for Specter Variant 2 and Meltdown.

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