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Intrigue and insecurity surround the summit of Trump-Putin

"We can all get along, it's going to be great, the world needs to get along," said President Donald Trump during a visit to Wisconsin on Thursday at his recently announced summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin [196592002] But When Trump and Putin settle in Helsinki, all the important talks about North Korea, Syria, Iran and the disarmament treaties and the fear of a new arms race will be in the limelight.

Trump's own shock and awe-inspiring diplomacy, his strange habit of getting used to the Russian leader, his recent attacks on America's closest allies while favoring US enemies and the morass in American politics over one Kremlin Interference Operation, will make their first independent meeting full of intrigue and uncertainty. 1

9659004] "Russia goes on to say they have nothing to do with Meddling in our election!" Trump tweets

In normal times, the talks in Helsinki, a city resonating with the echoes of Cold War diplomacy, would not be considered controversial but overdue, since Trump has been in office for 17 months and the US Broader Russia Relations are the lowest since the fall of the Soviet Union. The two nations have big issues to discuss and defuse disagreements.

As a speaker of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said: "Even small steps to reduce tensions would be in everyone's interest."

But Trump refuses to ever criticize Putin, his incessant attacks on the institutions of the international liberal order after World War II, his habit of repeating the Kremlin's discussion points, and his difficult relations with Western leaders who regard Russia as a threat see, mean that his motives are constantly being challenged Relations with Moscow

And Putin's aggressive attempts to recreate the glory of the Moscow power in the Cold War, Moscow's annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Eastern Ukraine and a biological weapons attack a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain have seen him

In fact, some critics wonder why Trump, who is nominally the leader of the West, should offer Putin the legitimacy of a meeting that will reshape the world – let alone the warm embrace he often finds when he trusts the Russian strongman ifft.

Russian security adviser John Bolton – a Russian hawk – admitted after a meeting with Putin in Moscow the political overhang of the summit. But he said it was important that it continue.

"The President noted that the direct communication between him and President Putin despite the political noise in the US in the interest of the US, in the interests of Russia and Russia lay the interests of peace and security around the world," said Bolton.

& # 39; NATO worse than NAFTA & # 39;

  Trump dishes Putin acidic than relations with Europe

On Wednesday evening, he attacked the European Union and undermined another pillar of the Western Alliance – pursuing another Russian foreign policy goal – and said it was destined to drain America's "piggy bank".

A few weeks ago he demanded Russia's re-entry into the G7 without questioning and blaming its leaders former President Barack Obama for not halting Putin's annexation of Crimea

Trump has often given the impression of being America's ally are a bigger threat to US national security than Russia.

All this, along with Trump's proven capacity to surprise allies, placate autocrats, and make concessions to cunning intercontinentalists, is why the Trump Putin summit troubles US friends in Europe and Trump's critics at home.

When the main takeaway from his journey is more growling body language Between the Western leaders and a leisurely encounter with Putin, the West could be further damaged.

One downside of the G7 Summit atmospheric hangover is that it could obscure Trump's legitimate complaints that many European nations are not doing enough to finance NATO's shared defense burden. It's a critique he shared with his predecessors as president – though no US leader put it so drastically when he went to NATO last year and beat American allies.

Bolton said Trump would use the summit to increase Russian pugilism that US intelligence estimates have become an attempt to help Trump, and is at the center of investigations by special investigator Robert Mueller.

The White House points to sanctions by the government, the sale of offensive arms to Ukraine and the expulsion from Russian spies to argue that no president has been tougher for Russia than Trump. But Trump has a habit of ignoring or surprising his own adviser, so that their assurances should be taken with a pinch of salt.

After meeting Kim, for example, the president amazed his team by announcing an end to US military exercises with South Korea. He previously ignored the advice of adjutants not to congratulate Putin on his electoral victory in March.

Any president can use his authority to shape US foreign policy to his liking and make spontaneous calls. But Trump's often impulsive behavior and long list to please Strongmen Leader means that if he does, he will be subject to an additional test. And his interventions, like Thursday's tweets, often overshadow commendable goals in his government's strategy.

Critical Issues at the Summit

  Trump-Matti's Dynamics Raise Questions on Gap, Fear in the Pentagon

The administration will sell the meeting in Helsinki as an opportunity to pursue common interests as the president seeks to negotiate nuclear disarmament in the Korean and seeks to obtain the assurances of Moscow that the armed forces of his ally President Bashar al-Assad, as part of his plan to bring US troops home, will not target US-backed rebels in Syria.

Matthew Rojansky, head of the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center said a summit could be useful to restore necessary but dormant working-level contacts between Russia and the United States.

"These range from our mid and high level officials with nuclear arms control and WMD non-proliferation issues to key conflict prevention and escalation prevention contacts in theaters such as the Baltic Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean," he said.

"(It's hard to anticipate results because that's what has been lacking the clarity and depth of mutual understanding of interests that can only be achieved through direct dialogue, perhaps even in the context of a conflict," said Rojansky.

While the Trump Putin meeting is closely watched by NATO Its closest observers may be in Ukraine.

Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of parliament in Kiev, said he had confidence in Washington on Thursday Trump's commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, even though the President recently did so, downplayed the Crimean issue.

But he issued a warning that a soft touch with the Russian leader would not work

"The language of strength and language That's what Putin understands best," said Parubiy. "He should understand that the president The United States will never give in on such fundamental issues as freedom and territorial integrity. "

Michelle Kosinski and Elise Labott have contributed to this report.

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