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Intuos Pro Small by Wacom is a portable drawing tablet for professionals

Wacom unveiled an updated Intuos Pro Small, a compact, wireless drawing tablet designed for mobility. The Intuos Pro Small is the last in the Intuos Pro line to receive an update to the design. The medium and large sizes were launched a few years ago with slimmer apertures and an updated pen, the Pro Pen 2, with a pressure sensitivity of 8,192 steps.

The Intuos Pro Small is $ 249 cheaper than the $ 379 and $ 379 tablets. The design is almost identical. The only difference to Intuos Pro Small is that there are two fewer ExpressKeys than Medium and Large. It also does not provide the ability to substitute texture sheets, allowing artists to customize the feel of the tablet surface, depending on whether they desire a smoother or rougher texture. The surface texture feels great, with the least resistance, to make the canvas feel natural with the stylus.

The Intuos Pro Large, Medium and Small.
Image: Wacom

The tablet is smaller than its predecessor, but has a larger active area of ​​10.6 x 6.7 inches and an active area of ​​6.3 x 3.9 inches. It makes a wireless connection via Bluetooth to Macs and PCs, but you can connect via USB-C if you want to charge the tablet. It comes with the Pro Pen 2 (which like all Wacom pens does not need to be recharged) and is compatible with the Pro Pen 3D and the Pro Pen Slim released earlier this year.

The Intuos Pro Small also has Touch the controls to zoom in or rotate the screen with two fingers. It has about the same sensitivity as the touch control on an iPad, and the touch settings can be turned on and off with a physical switch on the side of the tablet. ExpressKeys on the side of the tablet can be customized with keyboard shortcuts. For example, the touch ring lets you adjust zoom and brush size.

Compared to entry-level Wacom Intuos tablets, which cost $ 99 for the small tablet with a Bluetooth device, the Intuos Pro Small is aimed at professional artists and freelancers who want to take their tools with them on the go. It offers artists all the features that the larger Intuos Pro tablets offer, but now in notebook-sized, portable form.

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