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Iowa family found dead in Mexico probably inhaled toxic gas from the water heater, official says

The Sharp family planned to visit Mexico's sparkling Caribbean coast for a week and rent a condo northeast of Tulum. They were expected on Wednesday.

They never made it to Iowa. All four family members smothered toxic gas in the apartment, probably from a water heater, the Mexican authorities said Monday.

The revelation was a response to a question that surfaced above the shocked community of Creston, Iowa, closer to where the Sharps lived: how did that happen?

Kevin Wayne Sharp, 41; Amy Marie Sharp, 38; Sterling Wayne Sharp, 1

2; and Adrianna Marie Sharp, 7, were found dead in the apartment Friday. They all died after inhaling the toxic fumes, Quintana Roo Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech said.

The water heater "ran out of gas, perhaps due to use or lack of maintenance," said Pech, according to the Associated Press. The office had previously reiterated that the foul was not a factor.

"Any violent act or suicide has been devalued," authorities said.

Photos of the prosecution show firefighters in respirators and other workers in anti-contamination suits inspecting gas lines. The Sharp family was 36 to 48 hours dead when they were discovered, the Mexican authorities said.

The Mexican authorities have coordinated with US officials in Mexico to bring the bodies home, said Jana Weland, Amy Sharp's cousin] "It was very stressful, but the consulate was good at helping us," Weland said the Des Moines Register. "Even the funeral home in Mexico could help a lot."

She said a funeral is planned at Southwestern Community College in Creston, about 70 miles southwest of Des Moines.

"Life will not be the same without them," said Beth Fry, Amy Sharp's mother, on Friday according to the registry. "Half my family is gone."

The Sharps left for Cancun on March 14, then rented a car and drove to Tulum, to Amy Sharp's sister, Renee Hoyt, who spoke with the Creston News Advertiser. 19659013] The apartment that the family rented was, according to the Attorney General in Taunum in Akumal, a tourist-friendly beach community.

Tao sold and surrendered the condominium in 2013, and the current and unnamed owner became the legal representative Isaac Henares, the contractor's supervisor, told the Washington Post in a statement:

The family on their second trip was to Mexico, intended to meet with friends in a water park in Weland

But "they have never turned up in this water park to meet them," said Weland.

In fact, the relatives of the Sharps have not heard of Kevin or Amy Sharp in Mexico since their arrival

It was also unused. It is not appropriate for the family to post photos of their holidays on social media, because "last Year they shared pictures about every day, "said Weland.

About a week later, on Wednesday evening, the relatives felt that something was wrong. The Sharps should return that day, family members said.

The relatives decided to wait until Thursday if the Sharps had just planned an extra day, Weland told ABC News.

"I think we were all I hope for the best," she said.

Then the family followed Kevin Sharp's cell phone with Apple's Find My iPhone app. It pecked in Mexico, Hoyt told the Creston News Advertiser. The phone had not left its location since Thursday morning.

Paulina Chávez Alonzo, a spokeswoman for the Mexican embassy in Washington, told NBC News that the government had given its deepest condolences to the Sharps' family and friends. 19659024] Kevin Sharp was a salesman for the beer distributor Southwest Distributing Co., and Amy was a dental assistant specialist at Principal Financial in Des Moines. They were married according to register for over 16 years.

Family members described Adrianna as a "fashion stylist" who "ruled that family". Her brother was an athlete who played baseball, swam and hunted. [19659026] "You lived life on the fly, let me tell you," Fry said, after the register.

Kevin Sharp was also an avid Stock Car racer, known as "the Sharpshooter" in the local scene and often in his neighboring country, friend and fellow runner Cliff Baldwin competed with the Des Moines Register

"Creston is tight connected like all the small towns in Iowa, "Baldwin added. "He's a big part of this community there."

On Saturday, the community held a candlelight vigil at Adams County Speedway, where the Sharps were regular viewers, the local NBC affiliate WHO reported.

"I can tell you One thing about Kevin Sharp: He was a family man, and most people do not know that this racetrack is a family," said a friend of the Sharp family. [Friday] Fry said Friday that the family was determined to survive the tragedy. [19659032] "Either way, we will."


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