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iPhone XR US sales beat the iPhone XS and XS Max together: the reasons

Numerous reports have reported how the iPhones 2018 are doing so well in the marketplace. The cheaper iPhone XR is even considered by many to be the worst of the three devices. But consumer research claims exactly the opposite. Based on data from a rather small sample of US customers, the iPhone XR is the most popular model in the last quarter, surpassing even the combined strength of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

It may not really surprise you if you think about it. The iPhone XR offers almost all features and designs of more expensive models. And the features he lacks are probably worth the sacrifice for the lower price. In addition, the variety of color options (and the official Apple Clear Case) helped expand the appeal of the iPhone XR, so it works well even if it came late in the quarter.

According to the same Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report, the iPhone XS was the best-selling of the three. While the iPhone XR accounted for 39% of sales, the iPhone XS and XS Max together accounted for only 26%, with the larger model accounting for the lion's share. Consumers may not have seen enough differences from the iPhone X to attract interest, and the larger screens on the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR won the fight.

CIRP also points out that Apple may be well focused on memory upgrade options when it launches new iPhones later this year. His analysis is based on consumers purchasing more upgraded storage models in the last quarter compared to the same period in 2017. In contrast, the buyers of base warehouse configuration declined in the last year.

The only drawback of this study is that only CIRP was interviewed by 500 US Apple customers who made a purchase between October and December 2018. Some say that they are hardly representative of the US market, let alone the global one. That said, it shows how complicated the narrative is about Apple's latest iPhone. The company is expected to release some financial data next week that could serve as speculative feed.

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