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iPhone XS: Ten S, Excess or Xtra Small? Welcome to the name problem of the iPhone 2018

When Apple announced the iPhone X last September, it painted itself in a corner. With two "8s" (the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) and a "ten", the iPhone 9 was over and a whole new Roman numbering system was on the table. Now, with three rumored new 2018 iPhones on deck for its big September 12 revelation – said to three different screen sizes, but all with the iPhone X-style Face ID – how will Apple designate and demarcate the trio of models?

Here are some options.

Go for the "S"

Last year, Apple broke its own iPhone / iPhone S cycle, in which every year iPhones are seeing a major upgrade ̵

1; often accompanied by a physical redesign – during odd years with internal updates the suffix "S." The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus should have been the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, but Apple jumped a whole number. And with its radical redesign, the iPhone X – pronounced "iPhone Ten" – jumped two more numbers on the scales and jumped over 9 in total.

According to rumors, Apple is returning to the S-Update this year. The iPhone X successor could actually be three phones, including a 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch OLED screen iPhone, both called iPhone XS . That's loud 9to5Mac, which claims exclusive pictures and Intel. A third iPhone, supposedly with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, would be the cheapest of the three, but that was not shown or named by 9to5mac.


Two sizes of the iPhone XS, corresponding to 9to5Mac.


That makes sense and is a return to familiar form. But the problem is that almost no one outside of Apple calls the current model "iPhone Ten" – everyone says "iPhone Ex." With the addition of the S, Apple adds to the confusion over how to pronounce these models: the company's "iPhone Ten S" is fast becoming "iPhone" Excess "or" iPhone eXtra Small. "And is the plural form" iPhone XSs ", or" iPhone "Ten-Ses"? Anyway, it would not be nice.

iPhone X Plus, iPhone X Light, the new iPhone X?

Another possible result is that Apple will continue to tear down "iPhone X" for its 2018 phones. The iPhone X Plus was a favorite among rumors watchers for the largest model, but a Bloomberg story that preceded 9to5mac coverage said Apple "also shunned the plus label for the larger model."

2018 5.8-inch iPhone could simply be "the new iPhone X" (assuming the 2017 model disappears, as many hypothesize). This leaves the 6.1-inch LCD model. Experts have referred to this model as the iPhone 9 because it is referred to as the "low-end" option in the new line (in addition to OLED for LCD it is believed that it has a single reversing camera and other budget compromises), but it is believed that it's the notched screen and Face ID design still makes it worthy of the "X" brand. However, "IPhone X Light" or something that means "smaller" is very un-Apple.

If Apple had pronounced the earlier model "iPhone Ex", it could of course have reset its numbering to iPhone X2, iPhone X3 and so on. But that does not work, where "X" is pronounced as "ten".

iPhone X for ever

Apple may also choose to name each future Face ID phone to the iPhone X and distinguish it only by screen size. Rumors say we're looking at the iPhone X (5.8 inches), iPhone X (6.1 inches), and the iPhone X (6.5 inches).

I almost lost my eyes because it looks so busy and bad.

But there is a precedent for Apple naming phones this way – just ask the iPads and MacBooks. However, we really hope that we do not have to ask our friends if they bought the iPhone X from 2017 or the 6.1-inch iPhone X from 2018. The horror.

What does that mean?
[19659004] Why should Apple change course and rename its iPhones with the iPhone X? Simply put, the company doubles success. The iPhone X is about reinvention. It introduced a radical design change without a home button and a new 3D front camera to unlock the phone instead. It expressed the frame of how much a phone should cost ($ 1,000 to start with) how it should look like and what it should do. Despite the high price, people bought it more than they bought the cheaper iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Watch this:

iPhone X Plus could get exclusive charging


It only makes sense that Apple wants to reinforce this distinction by pulling a bright line between the old school home key iPhones like the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus (which will likely continue with a discount will sell) to the newer models), and the modern X series, with Face ID and notched, full-screen designs – even if the starting price this time could be slightly cheaper.

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That's why I'm betting that these new phones will not be called iPhone 9, the iPhone 11 or even the iPhone XI. After all, this is the company that labeled their Macintosh operating system "OS X" when it also reached version 10 in 2001. The company recorded X-branding for the majority of 15 years, until returned to MacOS in 2016 .

Of course, while Apple uttered it "OS Ten", it was widely mispronounced by the general public as "OS Ex" all the time.

So expect that Apple cemented the new era of the iPhone, the era of "X", as soon as it finally got the new name on Sept. 12 . Let's just hope that the company gives us a sensible way to distinguish between these phones when we discuss them in days and months.

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