The Telegram messaging service reported about its impressive 200 million users and it struck another blow. The Iranian government is reportedly preparing to block the platform, citing concerns over "national security".

This does not happen too long after Telegram has lost its appeal in Russia when the local government ordered the company to reissue their encryption keys with a nod to national security. In the case of Iran, the report quoted by by Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Security of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran.

Mr. Boroujerdi says the decision to block Telegram stems from concerns about the "destructive" role of the service in recent protests and unrest in Iran. To replace it, Boroujerdi says the government is setting up a new local intelligence service.

Telegram was blocked earlier this year during the peak of turmoil, but smart users continued to access it via VPNs and proxies. It is likely that this will likely happen again when the official block lands.