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Iran blames mistakes for the jet shootdown

At that time, Iranian troops were preparing for a US counter-strike and appear to have mistaken the plane for a missile.

The report contained a number of moments in which the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 could have been avoided.

According to the report, the surface-to-air missile battery targeting the Boeing 737-800 was relocated and not properly realigned.

Those who manned the missile battery were unable to communicate with their command center, misidentified civil flight as a threat, and opened fire twice without the approval of senior officials, the report said.

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7;t for everyone, the plane would not have been targeted,” the report said.

Western intelligence officials and analysts believe that Iran shot the plane down with a Russian-made gate system known to NATO as SA-15. In 2017, Iran took delivery of 29 Tor M1 units from Russia under an estimated contract worth $ 700 million. The system is mounted on a tracked vehicle and carries a radar and a pack of eight missiles.

The report notes that the Ukrainian flight had not done anything unusual until the rocket launch, as its transponder and other data were sent.

“At the time the first missile was fired, the aircraft was flying at normal altitude and trajectory,” the report said.

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