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Irving criticizes Celtics & # 39; Implosion, D at Walker

Kyrie Irving appeared to challenge Brad Stevens' coaching strategy after Kemba Walker scored 36 points in the fourth quarter of 18 to score Charlotte a 124-171 victory over the Celtics.

The Hornets closed on Saturday night in a 30-5 run that included all 18 points from the fourth quarter of Walker. The Hornets followed with 8: 8 minutes and 22 seconds before the end.

After being asked how hard it is to stop Walker when he plays so well, Irving said, "It's one on one, pride."

"Down the track, try to get in and help as much as possible, we probably should have caught him a bit more than any team in the league does," said Irving. "But we do not have it ̵

1; it flares us every time we play it, so it's no surprise."

In three previous games, Walker scored 43, 21 and 21 points against the Celtics.

Boston suffered its third loss in a row. Irving finished with a team high of 31 points.

After the Celtics built their play-hard 18-point lead, Charlotte scored 12 of their last 19 possessions to capture and pass Boston. Walker scored his 18 quarters in the fourth quarter in 7:43, including two free throws with a remaining 5.9 seconds remaining.

"If you lose a lead of 18 points, there are many things that go wrong." Stevens said. "I thought you did a good job." [And]. We have done everything the book was written to lose a game in which you are at least 18 years old.

Boston scored two goals offensive possessions in the last 20 games.

"This game was over at the beginning of the fourth quarter," Irving said. "We took the foot off the accelerator, making it a five-point Brought the momentum from there. "

It was Charlotte's biggest win of the season and the biggest comeback in over a year.

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