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IS jihadists cornered in the pocket of southern Syria: Monitor

Dozens of Islamic State group fighters were cornered on Tuesday in a bag of Syrian Daraa after losing all territory to a Russian-backed regime attack, an observer said.

To free herself, IS used the release of 30 Druze women and children kidnapped last week as bargaining power, said the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

"Since yesterday, there have been talks between the regime forces and the IS to evacuate about 100 IS militants and their families from the southwest from Daraa to the Badiya," observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

The Badiya refers to the vast desert that extends from central Syria to the eastern border with Iraq, and where IS still holds territory.

ISIS would release 30 hostages taken from Sweida last week, "said Abdel Rahman.

" Russian ISFs have been on strike to put pressure on IS today, "he added. 19659007] IS kidnapped the Druze and children from a remote village in Sweida, a province just east of Daraa, during a fatal massacre on July 25 that killed more than 250 people in the minority-populated area

IS takes over Responsible for the murders, but does not mention the kidnappings

However, a video released by local news agencies revealed that one of the female hostages demanded that the Syrian government stop their assault on the IS part of Daraa. [19659010] After the reconquest of the vast majority of Daraa and neighboring Quneitra by the mainstream rebels, the Syrian troops turned to IS control areas in the two pro

In about two weeks, they have told IS territory to the "surrounded" zone along the border with Jordan, the UK Observatory and Syrian state media:

The Syrian state news agency SANA said Monday it expects however, the fact that the group would "collapse within a few days" did not mention any negotiations. The first meeting between representatives of the IS and the Syrian government

In May, jihadists were expelled from the Yarmuk camp, their last control area in Damascus, which paved the way for the city's complete reconquest of the capital Government paved

Yarmuk was transferred to the Badiya, and several local outlets claimed that the resettled jihadists had carried out the Sweida attacks.

The suicide bombers, shootings and stabbings were the deadliest for Sweida, which was largely regime-critical isolated from the seven-year Syria war.

A handout image of the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) shows Syrians carrying a coffin on July 26, 2018 after the Islamic state group attacked Sweida

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