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Is Kelly Ripa a good mother?

Kelly Ripa has been on television for almost 30 years. She was known for playing Hayley Vaughan on All My Children in the 1990s, before becoming one of the most famous talk show presenters in the 2000s.

Ripa's career is still strong today, and she is co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan .

Fans of Ripa are most likely aware that she is also a mother at home, and she has talked a lot about her family life over the years. However, many viewers may wonder how Ripa is as a mother. How does she raise her children professionally? Is she a good mother?

Kelly Ripa has three children

  Kelly Ripa attends the Gala Vanguard Awards at the LGBT Center in Los Angeles.
Kelly Ripa | Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for the LGBT Center in Los Angeles

Ripa married her All My Children with Mark Consuelos), Lola (* 2001) and Joaquin (* 2003).

The two older children of Ripa and Consuelos are definitely adults and establish themselves in the real world. Michael became an actor and even played a role in Riverdale as the son of his father's character. In the meantime, Lola recently graduated from high school and now attends New York University.

Kelly Ripa has very strict rules for her children.

Although it is clear that their adult children now have more independence than they have lived with their parents, Ripa was aware that they should follow strict rules.

For example, Ripa herself often tries to stay fit and eat healthily, and therefore teaches her children the same habits. She once told Shape that her children rarely have access to junk food at home and are usually only allowed to eat healthy things.

"We always fed our children like this," said Ripa. "You have no choice, we do not have much garbage in the house so they eat what is there, a large bowl of fresh fruit."

Ripa not only taught them how to live healthily, but also limited the time It usually only allowed them to watch TV on weekends, and also forbade them to use their phones during college hours, and Ripa also had access to their phones, meaning that they often had little privacy

When daughter Lola was younger, Ripa had a say in her daughter's clothes. "First thing in the morning is a big discussion about what she's going to wear," Ripa told WebMD, "I've learned to give her limited options: & # 39; You can wear this or that. "

Finally, Ripa also takes great care that her children have good manners, and they have been taught to write letters of thanks when giving gifts and they learned not to interrupt other people during a conversation.

Is Kelly Ripa a good mother?

Some of Ripa's Rules Appear to Be One Too much for some parents who would argue that their children should get more independence and not be controlled all the time. However, the children of Ripa seem to be well adjusted compared to other prominent children.

Instead of making headlines with their parents' money for party and drug use, they lead a private life and are career-oriented. Perhaps Ripa's strict style of parenting has worked wonders by keeping her children at bay and making sure they do not fall into the trap, spoiling children with their careers, still trying to be involved in their children's lives. In 2014, she told US Weekly that as a family they spend as much time as possible, especially before work and before school.

Ripa said, "We have breakfast together, go to the bus stop, drop off the two older children, go home and then I go to work. I take my youngest to school because his school is very close to where I work and then I go to work. "

Ultimately, over the years, Ripa has found a style of education that works for her and her family, hoping to make sure that their children turn out to be the best they could be.

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