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Is Kyrie Irving already gone? According to sources, he is preparing to join the Nets – Boston Herald

Commenting on Danny Ainge's comments last week and the general mood in the Front Office, the Celtics were eager to leave a burning candle for Kyrie Irving on the windowsill. But this light may flicker – if it has not actually extinguished.

According to a source associated with Roc Nation, Irving's new organization is to sign the All-Star Point Guard with the Brooklyn Nets when it becomes a free agent next month. A separate league source told the Herald that his team (not the Celtics) had received the same information and operated under the assumption that Irving wanted to join the networks.

It is said that the Celtics have not been given a definitive statement by Irving on Thursday afternoon.

To handle the situation, any story with Irving must include a disclaimer. While the two sources cited in the second paragraph are to be trusted, almost everything concerning Irving should be considered a liquid matter. Nothing can really be settled until the signing of a contract, and this can not happen until the NBA moratorium ends at 1

2:00 Eastern time on July 6th. And as Celtic followers have learned, Irving is still able to change his mind.

It was clear, therefore, that Ainge carefully chose his words when he spoke to the media on June 5, without saying anything, damaging any chance the Celts might have of holding Irving.

Perhaps Greenhearts thought (at least for those who want to keep Irving) that Kevin Durant's broken Achilles tendon would cause Kyrie to consider his desire to partner with him, Durant, and perhaps stay in Boston. But this week, Irving severed the connection with his longtime agent Jeff Wechsler and reportedly immediately sent him to Roc Nation, the entertainment and management company founded by Jay-Z, who once had a small stake in the Nets.

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