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Is Meghan Markle destined to have a relationship with Queen Elizabeth like Princess Diana?

Meghan Markle has something eye catching. Something in the way she holds herself, the beliefs she has, and the reasons she supports remind us of another time. Meghan is in many ways similar to her husband's mother, the late Princess Diana.

Diana, known for her charity work, was hailed as an incredible humanitarian and personal. But Diana did not always come to terms with the Queen, her former mother-in-law, in large part because of her faith and the way she questioned the royal traditions.

With similar beliefs, Meghan is destined to have a strained relationship with the queen, much like Diana?

Princess Diana and Meghan Markle shared similar interests.

  Meghan Markle
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One of the things that made Diana so special to her people was her humanitarian work. She was an advocate for people and never shied away from doing what she thought was right.

During her life, the princess fought for people suffering from AIDS. She was not afraid and was not judgmental. Instead, she embraced people who needed love and compassion.

Meghan shares similar impulses and passions. Long before she became a member of the royal family, she campaigned for both human rights and animal rights. She is a strong feminist and spends a lot of time working with children.

In an interview with the BBC, Meghan said that a common interest in humanity is one of the things that linked her and Harry. "It was one of the first things we talked about when we met, it was just the different things we wanted to do in the world and how passionate we wanted to see change," she said.

Queen Elizabeth once considered Princess Diana as a & m; misfit & # 39;

While it's hard for the public to see Diana as something other than "the princess of the people," it's easy to understand why Queen Elizabeth once regarded Diana as misfit: she just did not fit. Unlike other royals, she was outgoing, she was emotional and she was honest. She did not do as she was told, but what she thought was right.

Although Meghan does not speak out against the royal family, it is obvious that she and Harry intend to live their lives as they see fit. The couple moved to Frogmore Cottage, where most of the family live, and have separated their charity from the one they used to share with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Will Meghan Markle have the same relationship Princess Diana had with the Queen?

Given the similarities between Diana and Meghan, it is natural to assume that the queen might have difficulty contacting the Duchess, as she did Diana. We have already seen that Meghan's decision to educate her child vegan was not exactly what the Queen wanted.

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly never in a position to come close to Diana, whose rebellion and disinterest in being a princess ought to be to blame. The queen was criticized for not being able to immediately lower the palace flag and not returning from vacation immediately after Diana's death in 1997.

Will Meghan have difficulty connecting to the Queen? Will her desire to do things in her own way lead to conflicts? This is still visible. Over time, the queen has noticed that Diana has finally changed the family for the better. The work she has done for AIDS patients, along with the attention she has given to the cause, has been instrumental in making progress on the disease.

When the queen thinks about what Diana brought to the family, she surely recognizes what Meghan brings to the family. Although she may not agree with some of her decisions or beliefs, the Duchess brings a new perspective and a refreshing change to the family. We have to imagine that the queen wants to have an open relationship with her grandson's new bride.

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