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Is the new global McDonald's HQ menu an international incident waiting for you?

McDonald & # 39; s will open its new eagerly awaited West Loop-based restaurant at 7:00 am on Wednesday.

But you may want to wait for the food and drinks from around the world to be available after 10.30 am Highlights of this unique restaurant include:

The Mighty Angus burger from Canada with one 1/3-pound Angus beef burgers, bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce and angus sauce on a poppy and sesame bun

The McSpicy chicken sandwich from Hong Kong with spicy chicken legs (although the official press release Chicken breast says what it is not, I have confirmed) and salad on a classic roll (the release says sesame seeds, which it may eventually be).

Cheese and bacon-laden fries from Australia with classic McDonalds fries, warm melted cheese sauce and bacon bits.

Two salads from France, the Mozza with balsamic rotini pasta, Ozzarella balls, roasted tomatoes and arugula; and Manhattan with mixed salads, baby cabbage, apple wedges, grape tomatoes, and dried cranberries. Both salads come with your choice of crispy breaded or grilled chicken breast and a soft grissini.

The McFlurry Prestigio from Brazil with vanilla soft serve ice cream, strawberry sauce and mini chocolate coconut candy bars (Think Mounds

But how do they taste? I sampled every global food to find out on Tuesday Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…d=120&lang=en. 39 & Itemid = 32 I heard the rumors months ago and was thrilled with the possibilities, this is not so much an international menu as an "international incident" menu – the Mozza salad alone could be considered a hostile act – the mushy pasta, simulated Bal Samico, tasteless cheese and small greens are immediately overwhelmed by the chicken and neutralized by the flabby breadcrumbs.

The Mighty Angus burger looks photogenic and will no doubt taste Instagram well, but somehow it looks tasteless. Canada is also responsible for a miserable side salad that is obviously nothing more than lettuce, cucumber and pepper slices.

The least offensive item was perhaps the McSpicy chicken sandwich with its touch of heat.

The global breakfast items include McCafe drinks from Australia (Chai Lattes and Flax) and Canada, allegedly, croissants, blueberry muffins, and brownies (several employees said the brownie was gluten-free, but none of the signage claims this status, plus ( 19659002) The opening articles were selected to attract local customers, said Ann Wahlgren, vice president of global menu strategy.The international menu will be spinning every few months, so there is hope.

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