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Is the new show "I am the Night" based on a true story?

What if you were looking for your biological parents and one of your relatives turns out to be a suspect in one of the most famous unresolved murders in American history? That's what happened to Fauna Hodel, whose story is dramatically portrayed in the new series TNT Limited I Am the Night.

"When I sat down opposite Fauna Hodel, nothing worked for my story before The Hear," Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman who directed the series with six episodes.

Who was Fauna Hodel?

Hodel, who died in 2017, was the daughter of a teenage mother named Tamar's daughter known Hollywood doctor. After her baby was born, Tamar claimed the father was black. Her scandalized parents made sure that the child was adopted by an African-American family in Las Vegas.

Hodel did not know about her birth parents, but as a young woman she decided to visit her mother, as she told in her memoirs of 2008, One Day She's Darken. She came back into contact with Tamar and learned some disturbing truths about her biological relatives. First, Tamar had accused her father, George Hodel, of sexually abusing her as a teenager. The allegations were followed by a highly publicized lawsuit.

While Hodel was finally acquitted, Los Angeles police led him to consider him a suspect in another crime: the murder of Black Dahlia. The brutal killing of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short in 1947 had captured people, but the crime was still unresolved. Police have never charged Hodel with murder charges, but his own son, retired LAPD detective Steve Hodel, believes his father did.

From Hodel's story, a television program visits the I Am the Night premiere on January 22, 2019 in New York City. | Mike Coppola / Getty Images for TNT

The Black Dahlia case fascinates people, especially in Hollywood. It inspired James Ellroy's novel from 1987 The Black Dahlia, which was shot in 2008 by Brian De Palma in a film of the same name. This was also the basis for an episode of American Horror Story.

When Jenkins met Hodel and heard her story, she knew she wanted to bring her to the screen, Jenkins told Forbes.

"She stumbled into the very heart of one of history's most famous true crime stories," Jenkins said of Hodel. But it took a decade to get the project started. Jenkins and her husband and scriptwriter Sam Sheridan finally managed to bring the story to TNT.

The show, which heads India Eisley as Hodel and Chris Pine as Jodhp Singletary, the Hodel-obsessed journalist, explores Fauna's efforts to find out more about her past As soon as Hodel meets Singletary, the two go to "a sinister Trace "leading directly to" some of Hollywood's darkest debauchery "and" his most notorious unresolved crime ".

While the Black Dahlia case prominently enters the show, it's very much the story of Hodel. Eisley told Forbes she felt "obliged" to say so. (The fact that Hodel's daughters were involved in the production has helped. "" I never wanted her to feel like a victim … She was a very survivor. "

The premiere of I Am the Night on January 28, 9 / 8c to TNT.

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