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Is the packed schedule of golf overwhelming players too much?

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland – I was thrilled when the new golfing schedule came up in 2019. After all, what is not to like?

With the Players Championship in March, the season should be cooking right away. It always felt lost in May, and coming first brings with it a sense of enormity that was always a part of the players' identity a masterpiece. This means we have five massive events per month between March and July. The FedEx Cup will follow shortly and the Ryder Cup every two years. Golf will be ubiquitous in the wider sports landscape, which will lead to greater popularity.

A win-win situation! Right?

But in a classic case of unexpected consequences, something seems lost along the way.

Tiger Woods for the first time.

After his historic victory at the Masters in 201

9, the fans would have done it. He was forgiven thinking that the good times of Tiger Woods had returned – we would see him pitching for fun at his favorite old time hangouts and Trophies bagged. That has not quite occurred yet.

Tiger has played only a non-major since his Masters win. Understandably, he has to protect his back, and he has no other options with the majors.

"You have to understand, if I play a lot, I will not be out so long," Woods said on Tuesday at the 2019 Open Championship.

Justin Rose repeated the point and gave the hardest but undoubtedly fair condemnation

"It's too condensed," he said. "As a professional, when it comes to delivering excellence for something, the process that goes with it can be detailed and take more than a month . "

Rose is not alone in his feelings.

Tiger himself admitted that he is not quite ready for this week – something that is fast becoming the new norm, when the season's meat is so close together Players can not properly prepare for each event, like this week, suddenly we are in mid-July and players have the last chance to win a Major.

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