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ISIS wife begging for US return "ready to pay her debts," says lawyer; Critics say "Jihadists have no room"

The woman now begging to flee to the US after escaping to ISIS years ago, "is ready to pay all the debts of society" – even if it means a long prison sentence, her family's lawyer said On Thursday, Fox News

Hassan Shibly commented one day after President Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed to keep Muthana out of the country, to Hoda Muthana in "America's Newsroom," and she denied that she was a US citizen.

Responsible for their actions, "Shibly said. She will have to answer for her decisions on God.

Muthana, now 24, was spammed this week following an interview in The Guardian newspaper. From Northeastern Syria, she returned to America with her 1

8-month-old son after a traumatic four-year stay with ISIS, where "We starved and literally ate grass."

ISIS WIFE IS NOT ALLOWED THE USA, POMPEO SAYS [19659003] "I would tell them, please forgive me that I'm so ignorant, and I was really young and Unknowingly and I was 19 when I decided to leave, "she said.

However, Muthana allegedly operated a Twitter in 2015. It should be noted that at least one attempt was made to motivate Americans to resort to violence on national holidays.

Men and women together, you have a lot to do while you live under our biggest enemy, enough sleep! "She once wrote, according to The Guardian." Drive the car and spill S Gather all your blood or rent a big truck and drive over it. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc. Day … Kill them.

Shibly, who claims that Muthana is a US-born legal US citizen, tells Fox News that Muthana now wants to come back and talk to other young women to keep them from going the same way and " monstrous group of criminal thugs named ISIS ".

"People should not forget that Hoda herself and her family did not say she should just come home, that she should get a free pass," he said. Everyone admits that what they've done is terrible, disgusting and unacceptable, but we also acknowledge that America is great because of our legal system. "


Shibly also pointed out that Muthana was" enormously remorseful "for what she did, claiming that she might even have information about ISIS the FBI wants to hear. "I called her personally I hear we know where she is and she's ready to talk to you She's ready to work "Leave yourself," he said, "at least you should question them and see if they have the intelligence to protect the lives of Americans." And they did not, and that's really worrying. "

But Zuhdi Yasser, the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a group that describes itself as a Muslim-led organization that works at the front, reforming at all levels of the Muslim community "- says the Regieru ng should not even bother with Muthana.

"She not only became a terrorist, she became an enemy of our country and if she believed in the oath of citizenship … She gave it up and actually injured and became a hostile fighter," he told America. 39; s newsroom ".

"If she is let in, the other way she could have is to come to a proper legal process as a citizen. I hope this will result in detention and then a trial for treason and war on her own country.

He also overthrew Shibly for representing Muthana by giving her time to lend to people suffering as a result of the IS and the Syria conflict.

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"There are millions of American Muslims and people who want to come back and are real humanitarian victims of Syria" They should receive the message that jihadists have no place here and they must be legally rejected with the full burden of our law, "said Yasser.

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