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Israel names Golan Heights settlement after President Trump

Israel has officially named a settlement in the contested area of ​​the Golan Heights after President Trump. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Ambassador David Friedman on Sunday to inaugurate the name. He praised Trump's recognition of Israel's claim to sovereignty over the strategic mountain plateau. Trump signed an executive decision in March to recognize the area as Israeli territory. Israel conquered the Golan Heights of Syria in 1967 and annexed it in 1981. The international community largely disregards Israeli sovereignty over the region. "It's just clear, it's indisputable and beyond any reasonable debate," Friedman said at the ceremony.

Israel hopes that the now renamed "Ramat Trump", Hebrew for "Trump Heights", will encourage new residents to move into the Golan settlement with currently 1

0 residents. At the ceremony, Netanyahu Trump called a "great friend". "The Golan Heights have always been and will always be an inseparable part of our country and our homeland," said the Prime Minister. "It's just beautiful," said Ambassador Friedman. When he realized that Trump had his birthday on Friday, he added, "I can not imagine a more fitting and beautiful birthday present."

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