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ISS looks like a Star Wars TIE fighter crossing the sun in NASA’s image

The International Space Station let the sun through in this composite image on June 24, 2020.

NASA / Joel Kowsky

It is difficult enough to take a good photo of the International Space Station flying across the sky. It is even more difficult to take a beautiful picture of it that crosses the face of the sun. Applause to NASA photographer Joel Kowsky.

On June 24, NASA released a composite image of six images that shows the silhouette of the ISS as it moved “over the sun at about 5 miles per second”

;. NASA also released a short video of the transit from 10 photos.

A combination of skill, equipment and timing was required to take the picture. While the silhouette of the station looks a bit like a TIE fighter from Star Wars, you can see the large ISS solar panel arrays on the sides.

The ISS is more than just a collection of circulation devices. There are currently two Russian cosmonauts and three NASA astronauts on the station. The NASA crew includes the SpaceX Crew Dragon pioneers Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the arrived in late May during the historic Demo 2 mission.

If you want to capture the ISS yourself, be it with a camera or the naked eye, visit NASA’s Spot the Station website and sign up for a heads-up alarm when it will fly over your part of the world.

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