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It is believed that the next iPhone will be able to charge other gadgets

Reversible wireless charging – the ability to recharge and wirelessly charge other gadgets – is pushing the iPhone 11, according to the supply chain.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara is convinced that the wireless powershare technology of the insiders is convincing at least in some of the 2019 iPhone models when they are introduced (probably in September). Theoretically, this would mean that you could put your new AirPods case or your Apple Watch in addition to a charged device iPhone and transfer some energy – handy for those times when you're out and about all day.

This is a feature we've already seen in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S1

0 made sense for Apple to follow suit as well.

Straight from the rumor mill

The technology itself goes back to 2015, but it took a while for it to be introduced to mainstream consumer smartphones. There were a whisper or two that Apple would integrate this feature into its iPhones this year.

The same report also shows that the iPhone 11 models can be recharged faster via a USB C-to-Lightning cable. maybe up to 18W. This is an area where the iPhone is still lagging behind the Android competitors.

And what else could we see when the iPhone 11 revelation of 2019 rolls over? Apparently, one or more models may have the ability to scan the veins on your face to verify your identity.

If you did not sell this on the next iPhone, how about a three-pin reversing camera to improve your mobile photo game? This has been reported by several outlets and seems likely to happen at this point.

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