Apple is not content to sell people $ 1,000 phones. The company began its reign of handheld devices with the iPod and the technical geniuses of Macotakara via Gizmodo that Apple will remodel the device in 2019. MP3 devices became the new cool way to listen to music. Sales of CDs dropped as millions around the world started downloading music. The creation of MP3 and streaming led the music industry along the digital path, and soon services such as Spotify and Apple Music were created. Streaming services are available as apps on smartphones, which themselves became small handheld computers. How can a new iPod convince consumers to convince consumers to lose at least $ 1

00 or more?

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The iPod Touch is the last survivor of the handheld series. It was last updated in 2015 and currently costs $ 199 with 32GB of memory. The news of a potential new iPod comes just days after the release of three new iPhones. The new iPhones should have three lenses (in the higher model) and two lenses (in the lower models). It looks like Apple is making a big tech push for 2019.