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It looks like Respawn Vans are just around the corner

Players have been looking forward to a Fortnite Respawn mechanic since Apex Legends first came out. It looks like we could get one earlier than you might expect.

News from a respawn van is circulating since the beginning of Season 8. It was followed by the hugely successful Apex Legends, who introduced the idea of ​​a respawn mechanic to the Battle Royale genre.

Any Fortnite player playing Apex Legends probably had the same idea: Fortnite needed it. Well, it seems the respawn van might be closer than we think.

Examiners have found clues in the game files that refer to the respawn van. Their presence suggests we could get them in the next patch ̵

1; if not sooner.

A respawn mechanic would be an exciting addition to Fortnite. There's nothing more annoying than dying right away and seeing your team playing without you for 15 to 20 minutes.

Apex Legends has done a lot of good to the Battle Royale genre. Some may like Apex Legends Vs. Fortnite are arguing, but they are pushing each other to become better games.

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