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It might be hard for you to find Samsung Galaxy Fold in April of this year – BGR

Samsung plans to sell its first foldable device in late April, though interested buyers may have difficulty finding the $ 2,000 smartphone. That's what you have to spend to get a foldable phone from Samsung this year, as foldable devices will be anything but cheap in the early years.

Samsung has ordered components from its partners to manufacture the phone, ETNews reports that the device is expected to go into operation in late March or early April.

This is a clear departure from Samsung's typical approaches when it comes to its standard flagship phones, which usually produce few series months before the launch. But Samsung wants to test the market with the first Galaxy Fold device, which explains the limited production run.

Samsung does not plan to produce more than 1

00,000 Galaxy Fold units per month, the report shows, but the yield problems do not even allow Samsung to reach that monthly target.

The report states that the ad will be particularly difficult. That's why the Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch display went live at the end of last year due to various manufacturing difficulties associated with mass production. The screen is not made of glass. Instead, it is a transparent polyimide material (PI material) that, according to the report, is glued to various display layers with a special adhesive.

Samsung's limited production schedules may make it hard for buyers to find the Galaxy Fold in the conventional range of electronics and carrier stores that would otherwise offer Samsung's latest smartphones. Instead, they could better get in touch with Samsung when the pre-orders for Galaxy Fold begin.

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