Taylor Swift used her performances on "Saturday Night" Live "to present her voice. And her many green clothes.

The pop star served as the musical guest for the second episode of the season, which meant that she was allowed to play two songs.

First: "Lover". After playing the theme song of her new album at the VMAs much more conspicuously, Swift sat solo on the piano for the song on Saturday. The singer wore a green turtleneck sweater, green pants, green earrings, green nail polish, and a green-green piano with green walls to look like a scene from her kaleidoscopic music video "Lover." The notes seemed frozen in the air, while Swift tickled the ivory and sang her romantic melody. She smiled and cooed with lines like "I take that magnetic power as mine, beloved."

She finished the song with a big grin and a little solemn flicker from her (green) piano bench.

Song No. 2: "False God". Swift's live debut of the song was Vibey with saxophonist, drummer and background vocalist. However, Swift and her voice were in front and in the middle as she sang and looped her microphone-free arm with black sequined pants and an oversized black blazer. Naked lightbulbs glowed all around them, and smoke rose from the floor.

The stripped-down songs made Twitter growl: The hashtag #TaylorOnSNL continued its trend after the end of "SNL".


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