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"It was not a damn race"

According to Ben Simmons, there was no Rookie of the Year race last season.

Simmons received 90 first-place finishes and easily beat jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell for the award.

Simmons silenced a double-hit in Utah on Thursday night with a triple-double trick -97 victory.

"I got a triple double," he shouted [at some fans along the baseline, per the AP.]

"I love coming to the arena, listening to boos and chants To see signs and then win at 20. " There's nothing like that, "said Simmons.

Per Salt Lake Tribune :

For those who did not see the voices, Simmons received ninety heats, ten seconds and one third out of 101 votes cast while Mitchell reached eleven first, 89 seconds and a third. Simmons prevailed with 481 points to 323.

"It was not a 19459022 race," Simmons said. "You saw the voices, right? … did you see the voices? So, what's the question? He also made it clear that his anger was not personally directed against Mitchell, but questions were still being asked because some people would not let it go.

"He's a great player, He's a great player." Simmons said. "He can do the ball really well, it will be better for him to find his boys. He is learning he is a great player. "

Ben Simmons wants to win MVP and Defensive Player of the Year

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