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Italy ends the nearly 30-year drought in the Women's World Cup

But Italian women are shining at this year's Women's World Cup in France and writing history on Friday when they reached the knockout stage for the first time since 1991 after Cristiana Girelli's hat-trick to a 5-0 defeat Jamaica had led.

In fact, the Azzurre have already left their Group C, which includes the traditional powerhouse Brazil, when they beat Australia in their first World Cup match against one of their favorites.

This is followed by a highly successful qualifying campaign, in which it was not surprising that the Italian defense was difficult to break.

"I feel that feelings are joy, pure joy," Italy's coach Milena Bertolini was quoted by FIFA. "We wanted to continue in the group stage, and to do so after two games is a great satisfaction for us."

"The girls were great considering their feet were well planted on the ground and attention Reporting return home.

However, the victory in Reims against the Reggae Girlz was not uncontroversial.

The use of VAR or a video assistant referee continues to divide the opinion, but when it was used by referee Anna-Marie Keighley to look for a possible

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Keighley did not get to the point when Allyson Swaby made contact with Barbara Bonansea, but changed his mind.

  Cristiana Girelli scored A hat-trick in Italy's 5-0 win over Jamaica at the Women's World Cup

Sydney Schneider jumped to the left to stop Girelli. However, the free kick was repeated after the goalkeeper had been eliminated from the line before the final whistle.

Repeats may have justified the decision, but much worse offenses are rarely mentioned.

Second Chance

Girelli took her second chance, this time in the 12th minute, leaving the keeper.

If that was a bit of luck for Girelli, more should come. Girelli's second goal in the 25th minute was deflected from the back of her thigh from a corner and Schneider missed her strike in the 46th minute and the ball found its way into the net of Girelli's shoulder.

All that remained realistic for the 53rd Jamaica was to limit the damage – and see if it could score its first World Cup goal.

It almost happened in the 58th minute when Italian goalkeeper Laura Giuliani wrestled the ball to her feet. She was surprised by Jamaica's biggest offensive threat, Khadija Shaw, before Italy recovered. Seconds later, Shaw saw Yellow as her right foot hit the mouth of Italian skipper Sara Gama with a shearing kick.

Giuliani saved with his fingertips in the 68th minute.

Substitute Aurora Galli scored Italy's fourth goal thanks to a sharp right-footer involving Schneider, finishing the 81st-minute goal, sprinting past the Jamaican defense and passing Schneider.

England will join Italy in the next round if they win against Argentina on Friday.

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