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Italy surprised Australia at the Women's World Cup with the last-minute winner

Barbara Bonansea headed in a corner five minutes after the break – her second goal in the match – scoring Sunday's 2-1 win over Valenciennes against Australia.

It was a triumphant return to the World Cup for Italy, a power in men's football that appeared for the first time since 1999 at the Women's World Cup.

Bonansea, a 27-year-old who also drives the attack on her Italian side Juventus, also scored her first goal when defeating Australian defender Clare Polkinghorne in the 56th minute. She scored the winning goal by overtaking Australian striker Sam Kerr for a corner on the back post after a corner in the last second.

Bonansea also had an offside goal in the first half after a video check confirmed she had done so. She ran from an offside position close to midfield.

Bonansea rose above Kerr to win the ball – and drives him into the penalty area floor and into the net. What a stunning result.

90 + 1 & # 39;

Kerr does everything to find a winner: flanks, one shot blocked by Gama at the last moment. She even flopped once to get a penalty. It really feels like an Australian goal is coming. But there is no guarantee that Italy will give in and the pressure of the Matildas makes them vulnerable to a brand if the Italians have one in them.

81 '

Sabatino, the substitute striker, has just picked up a rebound from the post and hit the ball under Williams to score the apparent start goal.

But the linewoman's flag goes up almost immediately and VAR confirms quickly. This is the second goal in Italy that was wiped out today by a side-off flag.


Valentina Giacinti, a striker, has replaced Berndeschi, Italy's right-back. That is a true statement from coach Milena Bertolini: she does not settle for a draw, which would be a good result for the Italians. She will push for victory.

But this attitude, welcomed by an Italian coach, carries its own risks. Kerr has been quiet lately. But she will not be forever, right?

69 '

The last interruption – to see if a ball that hit substitute Lisa De Vanna in the Australian penalty was "a clear and obvious mistake". The V.A.R. The referee and the referee have determined that it was not intentional, and the game continues. But that's the second or third long VAR. Delay today. Every call has proved to be correct, but it is also a sign that the referees, many of whom have not used the system in big matches, still solve the problems.

Delays are the biggest criticism of V.A.R. – that it ruins the flow of games. But players and coaches alike were pushing for the World Cup and seem confident that proper calls are worth growing.


Moments after the goal, Lisa De Vanna – Australia's championship leader – joins Logarzo on the left side of midfield. She is a nice luxury for Milicic from the bench, but with the lead gone, he needs her spark – she has met in the last three World Cups – and Australia has to face Kerr in the middle again.

56 & # 39;

Barbara Bonansea has associated things with a bit of opportunism. Clare Polkinghorne senses that the Australian central defender has a relaxed mood. She reaches for Clare Polkinghorne, takes her ball in a dead area on the right side and attacks Williams freely. Cutting to the left, she lost the grip on her shot, but still pushed him into the right corner to tie the goal.

We talked about how the center looked soft; Bonansea just got a punch on the belly.

46 '

Elisa Bartoli, captain of Roma, joins Aurora Galli. Italy really needs to start offering Bonansea a better service or at least a more consistent time on the ball. The best things she has done so far have involved her.


Australia lead on Kerr's penalty, which was quite won and cool after a first parade for the first World Cup goal of his career. But the game was over – Italy had a (correct) offside goal and sent some sounding balls into the middle of the Australian defense. In this half, Australia will feel comfortable, knowing that it should have had more than one, and it will continue to accelerate to reach another destination.

38 "

Seconds after Australian Chloe Logarzo had an open header at Giuliani's penalty area, it should be noted that both teams have some problems in the middle. Italy keep trying to play direct balls in the middle for Girelli and Bonansea and it has worked a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Italy is losing more and more importance in the region. Not a good thing, if Sam Kerr lurks in there and Ellie Carpenter rages up the wing or bumps into the middle.

21 '

They are fighting in the area and Kerr goes down. Clear penalty. Gama had them with both hands when the ball arrived.

18 '

Or maybe not. The first five minutes of this game were played as if the game was running fast. Kerr had two chances, Italy struck back. But Bonansea's goal and the delay seemed to have cooled things down a bit. But only a little.

9 '

But no – Barbara Bonansea, who broke off from midfield stumbling, beats Williams, but is (correctly) offside. She was one step behind defense in midfield at the start of her run.

2 & # 39;

A cross from the left is struck by the Italian goalkeeper – right in Kerr, and the rebound almost bounces off the net.

One minute later, Australia is back and feeds Kerr again in the middle. This time she is just over the bar. Not really a secret, what they are going to do today, but Italy should keep an eye on them.

Australia: Williams; Carpenter, Polkinghorne, Kennedy, Catley; Foord, Logarzo, Van Egmond, Yallop, Raso; Kerr (c)

Italy: Giuliani; Guagni, Linari, Gama (c), Bergamashi; Giugiano; Galli, Gernoia; Bonansea; Mauro, Girelli

Sam Kerr may be the best women's goalkeeper at the moment, but there is still a place she has never scored: the World Cup.

The trip to France this summer is Kerr's third World Cup, but for a player with her skills and her record of 31 goals in 77 games since she debuted as a 15-year-old in the national team in 2009, the network is still almost astonishing to find one.

This commendation was news to Gama on Saturday when she was falsely informed by Italian journalists that Milicic said Australia "dreaded" the Azzurre.

"Really? Wow, "said Gama. "That means we worked long and hard. It is good to hear that the other national teams are starting to fear us. that is important to us. We were already aware of how we are growing and getting stronger, and now we were able to show it.

Her trainer, Milena Bertolini, took the praise less seriously.

"Australia should fear us. "She joked. "And that's good."

Kerr and Milicic, however, refused to deal with the subject.

"It's all outdoor noise for us, to be honest," Kerr said.

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