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10-year-old girl who had tetanus infection in Verona: She was not vaccinated

A ten-year-old girl is admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit in Verona hospital following a tetanus infection. The child living in a town in the province of Verona is not vaccinated. He contracted the infection because he pulled a knee after falling while playing with some friends. His condition is stationary and the prognosis is reserved. She arrived at the hospital yesterday morning after her parents found that the wound was getting worse over time. The doctors are giving them immunoglobulin therapy to control the acute infectious disease caused by the tetanus bacterium. When the child came to the emergency room, in addition to the pain, it had the typical symptoms of an infection: fever, sweating and muscle aches. "The little patient is under control day and night" ̵

1; said the hospital in Verona -. Decisive for his health was the timeliness of the diagnosis, because tetanus is not immediately thought of. "

The case of the little girl from Verona has triggered the controversy over vaccines." There are many lies on tetanus The antivaccinating donkeys claim that there is no real danger to those who do not come into contact with animals that it It is sufficient to clean wounds with hydrogen peroxide to avoid what can be prevented with vitamin C and which is often inherently immune. "All nonsense." Roberto Burioni, the doctor and scientist who writes for his social struggles against the No "The danger is omnipresent," explains Burioni, "even a very small wound can cause it, hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C are ineffective and, most importantly, there is no natural Immunity. "Even those who have taken tetanus and are cured are not immune, the only way to be protected is to be vaccinated." from Verona is not the only case of tetanus found in Veneto in recent years. Some episodes were recorded between 2010 and 2017 in the provinces of Padua, Venice and Treviso, but only affected elderly people.

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