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500 bonus for diabetes, how much of it is true?

Good morning, this morning I read a message about the 500 Euro bonus for people with diabetes. I did not understand how to apply. Can you give me explanations? Many Thanks.

The messages you read are not really true. Let us try to clarify it. Diabetes is one of the debilitating diseases and is associated with the following services for people with disabilities: normal disability benefit and accompanying allowance.

Diabetes and debilitating pathology

Diabetes is part of the debilitating diseases of the endocrine system that lead to a greater reduction in work capacity:

  • Diabetes mellitus with moderate complications: disability from 61 to 90%;
  • Diabetes mellitus with moderate complications: disability from 91
    to 100%;
  • acromegaly with complications: disability of 21 100%;
  • Cushing's syndrome with complications: disability from 21 to 100%;
  • Adrenocortical insufficiency with multiple hospital admissions in recurrent adrenal crisis: 100% disability. To assess disability status, articulated ministerial tables were drawn up relating to the incidence of ailments Express prejudices associated with any anatomical-functional impairment. In summary, the severity of the pathology is associated with an invalidating percentage. On the basis of this percentage and reduction of working capacity, you are entitled to the regular invalidity allowance under Law 222 of 12 June 1984 and the invalidity pension.

    Disability pension and disability percentage

    The grant is granted to persons with disabilities with a minimum of 74% and reduced working ability to less than one third (67%). In addition, the minimum contribution requirements must be met, and precisely: a five-year contribution period of at least three years in the first five years prior to application. The applicant must have been insured with INPS for at least five years.

    There are no income restrictions on the right to a decent disability allowance.

    There is no bonus of 500 Euro

    Regarding the bonus of 500 Euro you have read, it is not a bonus, but the corresponding allowance, which is not recognized at all. The accompanying allowance is paid to persons for whom a disability has been recognized at a rate of 100% and who require the assistance of an escort (walking disability) to carry out activities of daily living. For further clarification we recommend the law: Law 104: requests for the accompaniment of 517.84 euros.

    So, no bonus, if you have the necessary conditions, you can contact the attending physician and start the medical practice from there – legal, which is the same as the same claim for annulment.

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