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6-4 7-5, the blue flies in the final! – a sport

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This is the end of our LIVE LIVE: The appointment is therefore tomorrow for the final, against Felix Auger-Aliassime or Milos Raonic: Just pick one, we're talking about Canada. Good day to all readers of OA Sport

MATTEO BERRETTINI IS IN FINAL IN STUTTGART! 6: 4 defeated, 7: 5, Jan-Lennard Struff, will be at least 24 in the world at the end of the tournament and another great performance!

40: 0 TRE MATCH POINT BERRETTINI: three seconds after the blue, three mistakes made by Struff with the latter line ending the fence

30-0 width of the straight line of crossed struff, so Hawk-Eye [1

9659005] 15-0 Long exchange, Berrettini keeps away Struff, who is just wrong

6 -5 BREAK BERRETTINI! Fly the backhand away from Struff, the blue will be used for the field change match!

15-40 DUE PALLE BREAK BERRETTINI: Wrong with the Volée of Straight to follow the Struff service, even for Hawk-Eye

] 15-30 ace number seven from Struff, which goes into the outer streets [19659005] 0-30 What a mistake Struff made! The smash is a terrible mistake, a chance for Berrettini in front of the crowded Stuttgart audience.

0-15 False from the Struff service.

5-5 ace number eight by Berrettini continues in this second movement. [19659005] 40-15 Berrettini is well again

30-15 A complicated answer is tried Struff, who is not right

15-15 Berrettini system all with the first external

0-15 Dratto largo of Berrettini [19659005] 4-5 Three aces also for Struff, which were not played in the last few points. Berrettini remains in the set

Struff's 40-0 stayer

30-0 strikes on the second struff

15: 0 Not to be beaten, Struffs Ass

4-4 Seventh Ace di Berrettini, who effortlessly approaching the crucial stages of the set.

40-15 Sesto Ace di Berrettini

30-15 Quinto Ace di Berrettini

15-15 Excellent before Berrettini. One hour of playtime.

0-15 Struff's network takes off, Berrettini's Straight Cross does not go past.

3-4 Good before Struff hits

40-0 still strikes good

30: 0 Rolls Berrettini into the net

15: 0 Good for Struff

3- 3 Great service and two goals for Berrettini, who is calm again this time

40 -15 Try lob struff on Berrettini's attack, but the ball ends very long.

30-15 Struffs Answer is not over.

15-15 Berrettini's double foul.

15-0 Effective first by Berrettini. [19659005] 2-3 Struff, Berrettinis Online Answer

40-15 Direct in Struffs's Net That Comes Off Duty

40-0 Struffs High Back

30-0 Struff is good for external ways, and then joins the net without any problems

15-0 Good of Struff

2-2 Excellent first externally by Berrettini, which again holds the zero own turn

40-0 First to Berrettini's body

30-0 Struff takes command of the mediation, but sends the unbelievably long obverse

15-0 Push with the straight Berrettini

1- 2 Struff, who still has difficulty with the service German [19659005] Vantaggio Struff plays well with the backhand of the German, then enters the net and prevents Berrettini from playing deep to allow him easy recoveries

40-40, 3a Parity: Struff completely misses the ball

advantage Struff Berrettini tries the backhand to hold back in the long line to get closer to the net, but the ball does not pass the belt.

40-40, 2nd tie: Struff misses the right hand to get off the service

Advantage Struff, another new addition to the line

40-40 First on the line of Struff

30-40 BALL BREAK BERRETTINI: The blue tries again with the side of the backhand change, Volée high that struff sends in the net

30-30 Great second from Struff

15-30 Try the big Berrettini pass with the backhand, the band lifts the ball and is rescued by the possible 0-40 Struff and easily backs the 15-30

0-30 Straight out of Struff, first substituting, but with Hawk-Eye being substituted by Berrettini and advancing possessed.

0-15 Struff's Double Foul

1-1 He easily holds the Berrettini Berrettini

30-15 SUPER BERRETTINI! Beautiful volley shot with blocked backhand, who dies directly behind the net!

15-15 Berrettini's first external

0-15 Struffs nice answer

0-1 Struff, which takes over this layer with an external First

Advantage Struff, just far from Berrettini

40-40 He presses down with the straight struff and prevents Berrettini from acting with his power.

30-40 Ball break Berrettini! Another Blue Response to the Second

30-30 Aggressive second, on the body, by Struff

15-30 Berrettini's response in Struff's feet while he tried the net approach

15-15 struffs of double foul [19659005] 15-0 Long exchange opening this second set, Struff wins

6-4 SET BERRETTINI! The Roman, who brings the first part home, ends with a light touch of the backhand net.

40-0 THREE-POINT BERRETTINI: Struff's long response, which then slips (fortunately nothing is broken or damaged) [19659005] 30-0 Another great premiere for Berrettini

15-0 Bella before Berrettini [19659005] 5-4 Berrettini holds Struff in that long, straight answer, but after 27 minutes the blue is for the set

40-0 Struffs winning goal

30-0 serve on the T Struff

15-0 Struffs spectacular exchange leading to victory, with a very complicated inverted volley and Berrettini, who does not find the cross from behindhand

5-3 Excellent in front of Berrettini, central to confirm the break of the advantage.

40-30 seconds of notable level of Berrettini, which could have risked much.

30-30 Another double foul from Berrettini, still from left

30-15 Berrettini heads the exchange with the front and gets the point

15-15 Double Foul Berrettini Number 2

15-0 Good external first of Berrettini

4-3 BREAK BERRETTINI! Struff misses in the right corner shortly after a great recovery from the Italian who takes the break in the lead.

30-40 Ball break Berrettini! Struff attacks badly, the blue looks for the crossover backhand and forces the Germans

30-30 to cross a difficult and wide salvo. Struff flanks straight ahead, he would have been a winner

30-15, the struff comes to net, Berrettini tries to overtake it with the forehand, which ends again in the net.

15-15 Try to push with the straight Berrettini ball ending in the net.

0-15 Fantastic backhand behind Berrettini! Struff does what he can to get there, the blue just ends with the high salvos.

3-3 Well in front of Berrettini, after 16 minutes we are already in the middle of the sentence.

40-15 Berrettini's first double foul [19659005] 40-0 fight on the street, passes Struff and sends him into orbit.

30-0 Struffs long answer.

15-0 Berrettini performs well.

2-3 Struffs ace still holding the service

40-15 Berrettini moves past Struff in the net, the German plays a good short volley, ours sends his back wide

30-15 Good answer from Berrettini Struff

30-0 Enforces Struffs Ass

15-0 Struffs Winning Smash

2-2 Close relative of Berrettini's ace saved in this fourth game

Berrettini's advantage, ace !

40-40 seconds of power by Berrettini, Struff looks for depth, but the ball is long

advantage Struff, second breakpoint: He loses control of the l Straight Berrettini

40-40 Wonderful backhand of Berrettini, who Struff can not control the ball breaks

30-40 Break Ball Struff responding well and then nailing Berrettini to the backhand getting into the net [19659005] 30-30 track straight to the second for Berrettini, gives Struff one minimum chance

30-15 Struff looks for Struff's straight pass but lands in the net

15-15 Enter with the straight struff and get the point

15-0 Berrettini still has a pretty good first

1-2 Struff, Ace of German keeping up the service fast

40-15 First to the body of Struff

30-15 Others excellent to Struff

15-15 Struff answers with the first of left

0-15 Good reaction d Irritant of Berrettini, low and in the corner, on the second of Struff, who does not hold the forehand on the field [19659005] 1-1 Outstanding in front of Berrettini, another very fast game

40-0 Long answer a di straight di Struff

30: 0-Central Pass by Berrettini

15: 0 Good first for the body of Berrettini

0: 1-Struff, the German finds another great first

40-0 mistake Answer Berrettini

30-0 Slides with Straight Stripe

15-0 Instant descent into Struff's net, spectacular interchange. Berrettini tries to turn around to play the forehand, but does not send her into the net.

The first serve is Struff.

13:07 The last moments of the recording, then this first semifinals begins.

13:02 Players on the field for Start the warm-up dribbling. On the central field in Stuttgart there is a good participation.

13:00 In a few moments, the two protagonists of this first semi-final of the ATP 250 were to appear in Stuttgart.

12:55 The conditions in Stuttgart are ideal, without the risk of rain. The same can not be said for tomorrow, with a first part of the day that could record an intervention by Giove Pluvio in Germanic tennis games.

12:50 Ten minutes before the entrance of the two players on the field, last year he saw Roger Federer triumph in the final against Milos Raonic.

12:45 The winner of this game will definitely be waiting for a Canadian who leaves the derby between the two generations of Maple Leaf Tennis: Felix Auger-Aliase on the one hand, Milos Raonic on the other [19659005] 12:40 The German, however, never reached an ATP final. Try to get them on the best surface for their game, which brought German tennis to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with Boris Becker and Michael Stich's Wimbledon titles.

12:35 pm The Roman goes to hunt for the first finale on the turf of his career and third in general; The two others won both on sand in Gstaad and in Budapest.

12:30 Hello to all readers of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE at the Stuttgart ATP 250 semi-final between Matteo Berrettini and Jan-Lennard Struff.

Berrettini's success on Kudla in the quarterfinals – Berrettini's ATP ranking list projection – ATP 250 Stuttgart in general

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the match between Matteo Berrettini and Jan-Lennard Struff. The Roman and the German compete for the semi-finals of the ATP 250 tournament in Stuttgart of the first leg of the short tennis season in World Tennis

Berrettini is looking for the first final on the grass (and the red ground)) in the absolute sense, and so far it has been flawless to get to this point in the three games that have been played: it has never given up the service or given breakballs. In addition, there is a certain statistic that shows the strength of the Italian this week: the service sold only 9 points to Nick Kyrgios 10 to Karen Khachanov and the same number of Denis Kudla . And they were all complicated opponents for our driver: the Australian is hard to predict, the Russian is still number 9 in the world and the American has created problems with Berrettini in the past.

Struff arrives instead at penultimate act of his German tournament after beating the Canadian Denis Shapovalov in the first round and surprisingly with 7: 5: 6: 4 The Serb Miomir Kecmanovic (6-2 6-2) fell in the second round and the Frenchman Lucas Pouille (6-4 6-4) in the quarterfinals. Number 38 in the world proves to the world tennis as an excellent player of fast surfaces and searches for the first time on the last Sunday of a career tournament.

The two players have never seen each other before today. We were able to witness a lively fight from below with the shots from the beginning of the game, which are both signs of satisfaction. Berrettini has a notable chance in terms of ranking: if he stopped here on Monday, he would be number 26, while would go up to # 24 in the ATP rankings in the final . On the other hand, if Struff were to succeed, the German would reach the top 30 for the first time in his career, at least twenty-ninth.

The game between Berrettini and Struff will start no earlier than 1pm LIVE LIVE by OA Sport!

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