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about 150 thousand visitors – Castelli note

One hundred and fifty thousand visitors visited the IX last weekend. The Bajocco Festival, the usual event of the municipality of Albano with over one hundred shows and more than seventy artists. "We have engaged ̵

1; Mayor Nicola Marini said in a statement – of the many attractions full of creativity, lights, colors, music, magic, games that have filled these beautiful three days, thanks to President Gianluca Pelle and XV Miglio Many thanks also to all those who made the event run smoothly, to the staff of the Cultural Office of the Municipality of Albano Laziale, to the agents of the local police command, to the volunteers of the Municipal Civil Protection Group, to the operators of Volsca ambience and services and law enforcement agencies The Bajocco Festival has now reached a high level of satisfaction and has become an urban heritage that we must guarantee and protect! ".

"Three days full of magic at one of the most beautiful and most visited parties of the Castelli Romani with many artists (10 stations)) so many musicians (6 stations), gastronomy areas (4 refreshment points) and commercial area (above Cavour estates of artisans) – City Councilor Massimiliano Borelli said – "Then there are always the usual critics who have to look for the egg, but if you remove this too, they have nothing left to do".

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