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Aeon must die! Trailer announcing the status of the game, but it’s already controversial

Aeon must die! was announced today with a spectacular pendant during the August State of Play. The game, scheduled for 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, appears to be a rather atypical fighting game. However, as soon as the first information came out, a wild one broke out controversy on its development. Limestone studio was accused of sacking everyone who worked on the trailer and stealing the IP from the original creators. Many of these people were also not paid.

Aeon must die! It’s one of the most interesting games to be shown at the State of Play tonight. It is a struggle atypical, with RPG elements and a risk-reward mechanism. Each choice should influence the enemy̵

7;s attack with an innovative combat system that focuses on action.

Aeon must die! is planned for 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

A few seconds after the publication of the pendantHowever, the controversy about the development of the game broke out immediately. It seems that everything behind the game’s development has happened, with threats, abuses, layoffs, and criminal cases that are still ongoing. It seems that everyone who worked on the trailer was fired and the development studio stole the original creator license after throwing it out of development.

There are stories of the abuse of overtime, of pirated software used to create the game, of a series of unpaid animations, death threats, corruption, missed payments, stolen audio, and stolen documents painting a truly disturbing espionage story. There are whole folders of documents that need to be searched, evidence against developers and publishers, and discussions in the world’s major forums. And there are even those who remember Jason Schreier, who is now a real advocate for developer justice.

A situation that needs to be investigated in detail, but which really casts a shadow annoying about a game that we don’t even know if it will ever hit stores at this point. Who knows if Sony was aware of this whole situation, but let’s not imagine that.

What do you think of all of these things?

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