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Aerobic Training In The Water, How Fast Are We?

It is now also possible to calculate the aerobic threshold in water: a particularly important parameter for triathletes

What is the pace for aerobic exercise in the pool? What is my ideal cruising speed at the moment? What is my aerobic threshold? To answer these questions, you needed a test conducted by an experienced trainer. Now fifteen minutes of swimming with a sports watch on your wrist is enough.

ENDLESS – For triathletes, this step is the aerobic threshold Critical swimming speed, could be related to the pace to be taken in the first fraction of an Ironman, or the pace with which to complete an extensive work in the tank useful for putting several meters in the safe, but without leaving any waste in the body Daniel Fontana The definition is much more suggestive: “The step that an Ironman can swim to infinity”

;. The blue specialist for long distances emphasizes the importance of this parameter: “Amateur triathletes often do not know this speed and completely break the training attitude, go under the rhythm or exaggerate with the rhythm. This step represents balance and real cruising speed. “

EXAM – To calculate this step, the latest running and multisport wrist tool was launched by Garmin, the Precursor 745 (just launched) provides a quick guided test that any enthusiast can independently take on the pool they normally train in. Once the length of the pool has been set, there is a warm-up phase, followed by a 400 meters at constant and sustained speed, a cool-down phase and then 200 meters at constant and sustained speed. The answer will come immediately: our CSS is shown on the display.

FOR TRIATHLETES – In addition to the entire swimming dynamics and the innovative test, the Forerunner 745 can also guide triathletes in the two other disciplines: the wrist instrument, light and with a long battery life, calculates the VO2 max, the workload and offers a check of the state of the form and the detection of the effects of aerobic and anaerobic training based on the effects of the training being performed. The sports watch offers hints and suggestions to carry out the right type of session on foot, in the pool or in the saddle to the bike.

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