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After eating sushi, they cut off his hand: "raw fish infection"

A 71-year-old South Korean man contracted a bacterial infection after dinner at a Japanese restaurant, which in some cases may affect those who eat raw fish. After eating sushi, the man complained of ulcers and some bruises on his hand, he was diagnosed with vibriosis and had to amputate his hand.

"Bacterial infection by raw fish" diagnosed after dinner sushi has therefore involved the amputation of the left hand

The case occurred in Jeonju, south of Seoul, in South Korea, but the story was dated New England Journal of Medicine made known. The 71-year-old infection victim remained anonymous. Sushi Infection

According to what was reported in the scientific journal, after eating sushi, the man almost immediately noticed blisters on his hand. Only twelve hours of supper at the Japanese restaurant were spent when the man began to notice these curiosities. Sushi infection

The hand also began to swell and show bruises, the man with high fever and very severe pain showed up in the hospital. Sushi Infection

The attending physicians removed the infected tissue and prescribed antibiotics. But the ulcers did not stop and the therapy did not work, the man's left hand became increasingly swollen.

The 71-year-old returned to the hospital a few days later: The doctors found that it was a bacterial infection from the consumption of raw fish, in this case sushi.

The man also had type 2 diabetes, hypertension and kidney problems. After the sushi dinner, he pulled on the vibriosis and the doctors had no choice but to amputate his hand.

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