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AMD got a license, can work with Huawei

Despite all the constraints Huawei has faced, the solution for continuing the tech business is far from defined.

From the east comes information that tastes like a sigh of relief, including the news that AMD He would have received a valid license to continue working with the troubled Chinese company.


TSMC, Samsung and SK Hynix are just a few of the companies Huawei has pinpointed its relationships with for obvious reasons of force majeure. But now there might be a lifeline called AMD on the horizon.

Only yesterday was the Vice President of the well-known chip manufacturer ̵

1; always active in the “traditional notebook” market and a direct competitor of Intel – confirmed that she was able to obtain a license to do business with the Chinese major. The reason would be that otherwise AMD would significantly reduce its business volume. Obviously the same would be true of other companies, and we don’t understand why AMD and others received a negative response.

In China, customers love Huawei so much that they buy their products more often during this difficult time. The market has understood that smartphones will soon have to be sipped and the prices for current models are rising.

The components for the production of smartphones will end at this rate in mid-2021, unless interventions related to the Remove templates which should already be published in 2021. If the vice president of AMD really had that license in hand, be sure to expect an official statement from both companies soon.

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