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Apple, Smart Glasses could take the place of the iPhone

20th November 2019 – Will the smart glasses be the upcoming "next big thing" that will replace the smartphone forever? This question has been dealing for some time with analysts and experts. For some the smartphone cycle is hopelessly coming to an end and will soon be a reminder.

Of course, the sensational flop was launched by Google Glass in 2012 and taken off the market right away, but things have changed in the meantime, and smart glasses could, thanks to the tremendous progress, have made the Augmented Reality and technologies in recent years, protagonists Connected

Smart Glasses held iPhone?

The iPhone has been in circulation for a decade and has invented a new "product" ]. Sooner or later the time will come when the iPhone will have to make room for something new and truly innovative.

According to a report published online by the famous online magazine The Information Cupertino's offices are already in motion . Apple is apparently already finding the iPhone replacement and the choice would fall exactly on an augmented reality smart goggles that could appear for the first time ̵

1; perhaps in the form of a prototype – already in the Year 2020.

But this would be just the first step Cupertino should take to replace the iPhone. According to the report, Apple employees held a secret meeting to clarify plans for the future of the company. Instead, a future without the iPhone of will be replaced by smart glasses worn every day and expected in the market for 2023.

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