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Aprilia Tuareg 660 2021 Photo Scoop Here’s the preview – News

Is it her or is it not her? Of course it is! So Ezio would say Greggio and so we also exclaim the probable in front of the photos Aprilia Tuareg 660, published on the Facebook page of the Aprilia 660 world group, which hardly thinks an Aprilia is another bike.
We already talked about the Tuareg when Aprilia showed them in the Milan Grove of EICMA 2019 (see video below). Here, however, the bike was trapped in the flesh, obviously in black paint like any self-respecting prototype.

There The future Tuareg 660 shows that it is going in the right direction. What motorcyclists have been following in recent years Street enduro agile, light and powerful just the thing. With an obvious hint: the reference to the Dakarian lines as we̵

7;ve seen Yamaha with the Ténéré 700 and Honda with the Africa Twin (both sold very well in 2020).
And Aprilia can afford this recall. In the fabulous 80s and 90s Generations of children dreamed with his Tuareg wind and his rally inspired by races in design and colors, but also enormously effective in terms of chassis and engine. The mythical engines Rotax often developed powers that not even motocross motorcycles have of the same shift in time that they could boast of. At what times!

But let’s get to our days. Aprilia The Tuareg 660 leaves the parallel twin engine in sight. which in this configuration should be below 100 hp in order to optimize the thrust at medium to low speeds. On the other side with one Dry weight between 175 and 190 kilos, 85/90 horses would be more than enough to ensure excellent performance. The Tuareg retains a closed dimension that The tank is located above the engine and does not go on the hips. We can assume a capacity of about 17/18 liters, while the saddle appears narrow but not low (at least) 86/87 cm from the ground).
The fairing is small so as not to disturb off-road driving The rotation of the collectors is small, like with rally bikes true. In this way, the driver’s legs are also not affected by their heat.
You immediately notice the huge muffler that proves two things: the bike is pretty small and definitely The tested two-cylinder costs Euro 5. The aluminum swing arm is also very long and offers excellent traction through A single shock absorber that works with a progressive link. Up front we find an upturned fork with an excursion in any case larger than 210 mm and the inevitable double disc with radially mounted calipers.
The Tuareg 660 also winks off-road, but as standard it will certainly drive over cables, engine maps, ABS and traction control (which can be excluded). The circles a Spokes are 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the back, possibly tubeless like on the bike we saw at the fair in Milan last year.

When will it arrive? It’s early to say, however 2021 could have some nice surprises in store. The Tuareg 660 won’t be as black as this prototype. We already imagine them with the colors that took our sleep away back then. And maybe there will also be a nice rally with the tank. Yes, dreaming doesn’t cost anything.

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