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Are you always thirsty before bed? Here’s the incredible reason

After a long day, you can’t wait to finish dinner and go to bed. But you can’t forget the water bottle to stay on the bedside table. You always have thirsty before bed? Here’s the incredible reason.

Be thirsty in the evening

After a long day at work, at school, or with a thousand commitments and running errands every day, you can’t wait to get back there At home take a rest. After you’ve prepared dinner and washed the dishes, pondered your hygiene, or your evening beauty routine, now approach your bedroom for some well-deserved rest you deserve. However, this is not without bringing a bottle of fresh water to your bedside table. Yes, because for some time you always have Thirst in the evening before bed even if you drank during dinner. There is nothing to do: whether it is a glass of water, a tea, a cup of milk or the classic glass of red wine, it is essential that you have a drink before going to bed.

Why is this happening? Is it the indicator of a problem? You always have thirsty before bed? Here’s the incredible reason why you always need to have a drink before bed.

The reason

About having Thirst before bedRecent studies have examined this problem by increasing responsibility for the biological clock. It’s a kind of preventive response from circadian rhythms that would stimulate the thirst neurons in advance to prevent a likely dehydration problem that could arise during the night hours.

In practice, the amount of fluids ingested before resting is increased unconditionally, although it is not needed. The biological mechanism then induces thirst before bed and lets us drink before night to prevent dehydration during the hours we are unconscious, even when the body has already been sufficient hydrated.

The biological clock

The studies carried out have assumed responsibility for the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which is located in the hypothalamus and consists of a group of neurons responsible for the correct regulation of the circadian rhythm. This core through vasopressin, a neurotransmitter whose job it is to keep blood volume constant, can communicate with thirst neurons. When the core is electrically stimulated, there is an increased release of vasopressin, which activates and thus induces the thirst neurons drink before bed.

The biological clock therefore has an incredible function in itself. In fact, it is able to predict when you will begin to sleep and force the brain to activate itself to transmit the thirst to the body to ensure we stock up on fluids and thus avoid dehydration at night .

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