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Bimbo, son of a vegan, was hospitalized in Nuoro for malnutrition

  2-year-old son of a vegan couple in the hospital:

Very thin, tired, listless, with no desire to laugh or play: Marco (a fancy name), not even two years old, son of a vegan couple, appeared the doctors of the hospital San Francesco in Nuoro so parents have brought it in recent days. The child who came to the hospital in advanced malnutrition but is not life threatening. The couple having another older child would work well with the doctors treating the child.

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"We're vegans and he too," they said with doctors. At the hospital, the child was immediately subjected to haematological analysis to determine if a disease or bacterium was present. None of this, exams have excluded it. The diagnosis was only one: malnutrition. Now he is being admitted to the pediatric ward and his condition has improved slightly after the first treatment. It is impossible to find out more about the child's state of health, if it is probably due to a particular diet that is not rich in basic proteins in the developmental age, or if there is a genetic factor behind it.

Currently the child is cared for day and night and his parents are next to him. As soon as his condition permits, the doctors plan to set up an appropriate nutritional plan for the development of the child in which the parents will be involved. Experts agree that vegetarianism can not be ruled out from the outset, but veganism may be inadequate. Milk, eggs and foods that are rich in vitamin B12 in addition to iron and omega 3 must find a place on the table for children to develop properly. From the first few months of life, the best option is the one that provides for the predominant consumption of plant foods and the limited use of animal products. It is not the first time that vegan diets, which are followed by parents and given to toddlers, lead to illness and therefore to their ingestion. At the end of August 2016 in Milan, a 15-month-old child who was hospitalized for malnutrition – he weighed like a 3-month-old baby -. At the end of his stay in the hospital, he was, according to the will of the court, even entrusted to the congregation and housed by his grandparents after he had also been hospitalized for heart problems aggravated by his physical stress. In fact, the grandparents had immediately expressed their concerns about the diet that the daughter and son-in-law had imposed on the child. A similar episode had taken place a few months earlier in Genoa, where Martina, about a year old and a vegan mother, had been hospitalized for malnutrition.

The year before, a couple's nearly one-year-old child had been taken ill after illness Vegan: In this case, the child's parents had also been entered in the family suspects list. And in America, a couple years ago, a couple who fed their son, a few months old, with soy milk and apple juice, a food that led to the child's hunger, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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