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Borsa Italiana, today’s meeting comment (May 18, 2020)

Frankfurt and Paris grew over 5%. FTSEMib, on the other hand, rose by 3.3%, which was “held back” by the dividend payment by some companies. FCA jump


Marktpositivo_2The major indices of Borsa Italiana and major European financial markets started the week with a very positive meeting: Frankfurt and Paris grew over 5%. FTSEMib, on the other hand, rose by 3.3%, which was “held back” by the dividend spin-off of some companies that make up the main basket of Piazza Affari: Il Sole24Ore signaled on Saturday that the effects on the index were about the same 0.9% . In addition, Consob announced the suspension of the ban on the inclusion or increase of net short positions in the light of the normalization of market conditions. The ban ends on May 1

8, 2020. In the meantime, the Placement of the sixteenth installment of Btp Italia: More than € 4 billion was ordered on the first day of the offer.

The FTSEMib The session ended with a 3.26% increase to 17,401 points after switching between a minimum of 16,953 points and a maximum of 17,446 points. The FTSE Italia Share All it won 3.11%. Plus sign for that too FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 2.03%) and for the FTSE Italia Star (+ 2.87%). At the meeting on May 18, 2020, the value of trade rose to 1.73 billion euros compared to 1.53 billion euros on Friday. 538,966,965 shares changed hands (460,068,631 in the Friday session). Of 422 shares traded, 314 developed positively, while the declines were 87; the remaining 21 actions remain unchanged.

L ‘EUR exceeded $ 1,085 during the Bitcoin it remained above USD 9,500 (around EUR 9,000).

The Btp Bund Spread has dropped below 220 points.

Rising sharply Fiat Chrysler automobiles (+ 8.19%). The automaker has officially announced that FCA Italy has initiated a procedure with the Italian government to provide SACE with a guarantee to complete a line of credit that is intended solely to support the automotive supply chain in Italy and consists of approximately 10,000 small and medium-sized companies Company exists. . In this context, a dialogue was launched with IntesaSanpaolo, the largest Italian bank, to improve a three-year credit line. In accordance with the provisions of the Liquidity Decree, the amount of the credit line should correspond to 25% of the consolidated turnover of FCA industrial companies in Italy, i.e. H. Up to 6.3 billion euros.

Excellent performance for i Banking sector securitieswho benefited from the sharp narrowing of the spread.

The rise marked by UniCredit (+ 5.91%).

Azimuth Holding suffered a decrease of 1.55%. The company’s share was punished by paying the dividend of one euro per share.

Generally, I’m increasing stocks in the oil sectorafter the crude oil price in New York (contract expires in June 2020) rose to $ 32 a barrel.

ENI increased well (+ 1.61% to EUR 8.657). However, the replacement of the dividend 2020 (based on the year 2019) of EUR 0.43 per share negatively impacted the performance of the title of the oil giant.

The increases from Saipem (+ 7.16%) e Tenaris (+ 7.61%).

Very well Unipol (+ 8.63%), preferably the FTSEMib.

Definitely negative trend for A2A (-2.8%) e Italgas (-4.12%), both punished by paying the dividend.

Strong volatility at DiaSorin (+ 0.33%) after the rally last week. The diagnostic company said it received approval for the LIAISON SARS-CoV-2 S1 / S2-IgG test from Health Canada, the Canadian government agency responsible for federal health policy.


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