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Brennero and Giulia GTV: two new Alfa Romeos in 2020

Alfa Romeo is ready to renew its range with two new models arriving in 2020.

For the two new models that Alfa Romeo is expected to launch next year, there are confirmations before 2021: Brenner and Giulia GTV . The Alfa Romeo Brennero is the most anticipated novelty for car fans. According to the plans of Marchionne, it should be a new B-suv first a concept car that will follow in the footsteps of this year's Tonale . The properties should be accurate with a length of just over four meters.

The car will probably only be available with front-wheel drive. Great expectations for the burner engines, both gasoline engines and hybrid engines. Space for the Firefly 1

.0 and 1.3 with a performance of 100, 120, 150 and 180 hp. In addition to these two variants, the 1.6-MJT diesel versions with 120 and 2.0 MJT with 150 hp are planned. Also expected are the Mild Hybrid with approx. 110 and 140 hp and the Plug-In Hybrid with 180 hp. Compared with what was previously believed, Alfa Romeo Brennero's exit should be completed in the spring of 2021, a few months before Tonale's exit. The price for what should become the [4199909] Stelvio and Tonale the third SUV of Casa del Biscione, should start at about 21,000 euros.

The other great novelty of Alfa Romeo is represented by Giulia GTV the three-door version of the Giulia. The model could coincide with the redesign of the 5 doors from which it is derived, and the forecasts are from start to finish 2020 with arrival on the road at most in the first months of 2021 Sports model in coupe version, which is to obstruct the plans of the house Arese a 2.9-liter V6 Biturbomotor, which is already under the hood of the Stelvio and the Giulia Quadrifoglio from 510 Cv to find. Parallel to this engine could also debut the new 180 hp 1.3 Firefly and the 1.5-liter Firefly 205 hp. The first of the two engines should have a torque of 270 Nm and allow the Giulia GTv a top speed of about 230 km / h.

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