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Btp Italia is ahead, demand over 4 billion. Piazza Affari closes in rally (+ 3.2%) – economy

Sprint conclusion for Piazza Affari. The Ftse Mib gained 3.26% to 17,401 points.

Closing with flying indices for the most important European stock exchanges. The best was Frankfurt (+ 5.67%) with 11.058 points, followed by Paris (+ 5.16%) with 4.488 points, Madrid (+ 4.7%) with 6.779 points and London (+ 4.29%). at 6,048 points.

Spread narrowed after Germany and France clarified their position on the restructuring fund. The difference between the BTP and the federal government drops to 215 basis points, with the 10-year interest rate at 1.66% and the lows since April 14.

Wall Street sprinted between the reopening of economies. the Fed̵

7;s commitment to doing what is necessary for the economy and optimism for the modern vaccine. The Dow Jones rose 3.25% to 24,453.80 points, the Nasdaq by 2.38% to 9,228.97 points and the S & P 500 by 2.92% to 2,947.38 points.

Oil splashes in New York, where WTI prices are up 13% to $ 33.28 a barrel, a two-month high.

BTP ITALIA PARTS IN ROCKET – The new edition of Btp Italia, which should contribute to the Covid editions, continues. On the first day of the placement, which was dedicated to retail investors, the five-year inflation-linked security, with a minimum coupon of 1.4%, of which the last contracts were struck, collected orders of more than EUR 4 billion. The debut was much higher than that of the last edition in October 2019, when Btp Italia raised just under 3 billion on the first day and 6.7 billion at the end of the placement.

Consob, last day off for short sales
In view of the progressive normalization of general market conditions Consob has decided to suspend the temporary ban New net short positions added and existing short positions increased. Consob will continue to closely monitor the general trend of the financial markets.
The end of the short sale following Consob’s decision to suspend the ban ends at 11:59 p.m. This emerges from the Authority ‘s statement, which states that “since the ban was implemented, Consob has seen a gradual normalization of general market conditions, which has, however, resulted in a decrease in liquidity ESMA and the authorities of Austria, Belgium, France, Greece and Spain, who have taken similar measures, decided to suspend the ban on net short positions. “
Given that the pandemic caused by the spread of Covid-19 and the related uncertainties posed a serious threat to investor confidence, Consob announced on March 17, 2020, the decision to ban the hiring of new net Short positions and the increase of existing short positions for a period of 3 months.
Given the uniform decline in financial markets and significant uncertainties about their future performance, the Commission wanted to use this exceptional measure to prevent an increase in net short positions from having a pro-cyclical effect. Consob will continue to monitor the general market conditions closely and will remain in close contact with the other authorities. If the market conditions so require, Consob itself will apply for coordinated measures at European level. On the other hand, the ESMA decision remains in force, imposing an obligation to report new net short positions that reach the 0.1% threshold of share capital.

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